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  • The add-on rewrites the homepage and external links AGAIN. Latest good version was 0.1.15.
    I will never use it anymore! :(

    EDIT 01.05.2019 20:07
    I am already pleased. Everything else is wonderful. I give five stars again. :)
    sorry for the inconvenience, I've just made an update with a new parameter in QD settings "Startpage timoute" that you can set to 0 for disabling the feature added in 0.1.16

    EDIT 01.05.2018
    Thanks for your re-review...
  • Не работает
    don't work

    попробовал снова установить.
    Указал папку с закладками от Fast Dial
    Все сразу заработало.
    НО! Не работает кнопка НАЗАД если зайти в папку.

    tried to install again.
    Indicated bookmark folder from Fast Dial
    Everything worked right away.
    BUT! The BACK button does not work if you enter the folder.
    It seem to work, you have the clean background of QD, just add folders and shortcuts...
    rightclick -> Add...
    Or got to a page and rightclick -> Add to QD
  • Отличное дополнение. После краха FastDial долго искал что-то похожее, столь же легковесное, без синхронизации с какими бы то ни было серверами и в то же время настраиваемое. Рад, что дело живёт и процветает.

    * У кого при запуске браузера вместо домашней страницы открывается страница визуальных закладок, открывайте страницу изменения настроек Firefox (about:config) и меняйте значение "extensions.webextensions.background-delayed-startup" с true на false.
  • Very simple, but so good! I've tried many 'highly customizable' speed dial addons but this is the first one that is actually clean, uncluttered and lightweight. I've also yet to encounter any major bug, which isn't something I can say about alternative similar addons.

    Someone requested user setup examples : https://i.imgur.com/wbb7lAA.png
  • This *WAS* a great add-on until it decided that it needed to override links that I tried to open from e-mail and desktop.
    Because of this I no longer use it.
    Not sure what's your problem
  • The best! Really just i want!
  • It is a Masterpiece, im happy with this! actually i would like to see some customized bookmark from other users.. just to improve what i already have.. at least an screenshot or something, anyone?
  • В разных обсуждениях было найдено только одно решение - юзать старую версию 0.1.15.Пока обновлений не было,но надеюсь проблему скоро решат.
  • Very good work. Clean, simple, and easy to adjust the settings. Thank you.
  • When I open firefox, the addon replaces the active tab, and I must go back for each window active tab.
    Look on these two issue on github :
  • After upgrading to Firefox 63.0.1 this addon is showing as a pinned tab whenever I start Firefox. This causes me to lose the real pinned tab that Quick dial replaced. Not good. After I disabled Quick Dial and restarted Firefox my pinned tab is back. This has to be some kind of bug.
    Look on these two issue on github :
  • Firefox 63.0 clean. I install uBlock Origin and Quick Dial. In the settings of the Start - Restore previous session flag is set. I did not make any additional settings in the add-ons. After rebooting the browser, the tab loads not the saved site, but the Quick Dial tab. I have to click the Back button to return to the previous site. What could be the problem?

    PS: Problem solving - extensions.webextensions.background-delayed-startup in false

    Фаерфокс 63.0 чистый. Устанавливаю uBlock Origin и Quick Dial. В настройках браузера Запуск-Восстановить предыдущую сессию установлен флаг. Никаких дополнительных настроек в дополнениях не делал. После перезагрузки браузера, вкладка загружает не сохранённый сайт, а вкладку Quick Dial. Приходится нажимать кнопку Назад, чтобы вернуться к предыдущему сайту. В чём может быть проблема?

    PS: Решение проблемы - extensions.webextensions.background-delayed-startup in false
    Look on these two issue on github :
  • Works very well and there are plenty of customisation options.

    Startup is currently fairly slow, but the developer is aware, so hopefully this will improve with time.

    Tips for other users: Right click a thumbnail for Quick Dial Settings, or Properties to edit a title. 'Capture in a new tab' will often load a better image.
  • A big thanks for this wonderful addon ! Lots of customization and utilising the existing bookmarks system. I hope you have the time to continue improving it ! Thank you !
  • It does not work with 32 bit PC
    QuickDial is writed in js and 32 or 64 bit has no insidence...
    I can't help your here with this very small coment...
    Open an issue on GitHub and describe what's your problem...
  • Very good, fast and simple dial.