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  • the add-on stopped working with the version of firefox58.0
    Is the bug resovled in ff 58.0.1?
    It seem that a bug affect some users when loading page.
    I don't made update and quickdial work well on my ff58.0.0 and ff58.0.1
  • This Speed Dial replacement is very good, but it needs to offer the possibility for ordering the bookmarks in alphabetical order. That saves a lot of time man !! Thank you very much for this remake.
    I'm very busy but look on github if it has an issue for that.
    If not, you can open an issue...
  • Several times a day when working with bookmarks, the settings are reset to default and the file storage.js is empty.
    Also note the huge memory consumption when processing bookmarks.

    Why JSON, but not sqlite?

    "Now, with more than 10'000 users, I've received less than 10 requests for data corruption." (MatMoul commented on 11 Dec 2017)
    Need more than 10 users to solve the problem?
    There are more of them, judging by the comments.
    I've choose to use storage.js because it's the only solution that is preserved in all case when your exit your Firefox.
    I've provide a reply for this on github : https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues/70
    I'll try to find an alternative solution but I work on my free time and my job is too intensive these month.
    I hope to find time the next month...
  • This addon to make my browser freezes each press of 3-5 seconds. It's unbearable.
    Moreover, for some of the tabs are not displayed correctly on the preview.
    I can't help you with this message.
    An issue is open for this case : https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues/81
  • Mmm... How is this even working? I push addon button and it opens me plain grey page. Absolutely nothing there. No separate window options for addon either. What is this? Gonna looks for another speed dial.
    Please, look the video in the description.
    The grey page is an empty page.
    You just need to add your bookmark
  • Just waiting for an option of automatic "actualise" each 24/12/6 hours.
    J'atttends juste une option pour l'actualisation automatique tous les 24/12/6 heures.
    At this time, it's difficult because I need to handle the refresh and the capture in new tab.
    But I'll provide a feature in the futur
  • I'd appreciate if you added the possibility to change the font used for the names of the bookmarks (it defaults to a serif font on my machine).
    It's difficult to provide a good UI to set font but Quick Dial is ready for that...
    You can open a debug window (F12) and type in console :
    app.settings.grid.cells.titleFont = 'YOURFONTNAME';
    After that, make a change on Quick Dial (Add a bookmark , move a tile, ...) to save your change..
  • Great replacement for discontinued Fast Dial. Good job!
  • Very Happy with this Dial because it looks good, works fast and uses local storage . This is a big plus for me. Because privacy is important.
  • Nice replacement for the Fast Dial. I nearly went to another browser and then I found this. Had some struggles installng it but it works nice. I just can' t get it set as my startingpage. Neither of the options in Firefox fires it up after launching the browser. I have to close the startpage and then QD comes up. No big problem but it would be nice if that could be resolved.
    Try to look the video on the description @1:30
  • After the firefox received an update , almost half of the dials which had icons missing and were defaulted to default screenshot of url.

    Curiously this happened only to dials for which the icon was selected from a removable drive. This is a bug.

    For dials, whose icon was selected from the local drive and although the icon doesn't exist on the drive itself, it stayed correct.
    But i'll try to find a more robust solution
  • I can report that reseting of bookmarks settinngs is happening also for me.
    But with diffrence that corrupted storage.js storage file is not created or somehow is cleaned before I find it.

    This is same problem as @RustyTrombone reported. (will not speculate here what can be culprit, but FF routines is not excluded).

    I really like the addon, and it's usefull.
    This issue can be relly irritating for users with a lot of bookmarks.
    But i'll try to find a more robust solution
  • This is a really good addon! Love it.

    Few things to consider:

    Adding bookmarks to the quick dial is not intuitive. I tried doing it through the bookmark menu, it does not work. The context menu option "New" didn't make sense for me until I watched the video and saw it was part of the Quick Dial addon. Rename it to something more obvious like "Quick Dial Add", just like how the other context menu option is "Quick Dial Settings". Or maybe add a big "plus" button on the QD page.

    The Title Border size is off by 1 if it's not transparent. There is a thin line between the Border of the cell and the Border of the title. I have to set the Title Border Size to -1 to fix it.

    If I turn down the opacity, the menu settings goes behind the tiles each time I edit a setting.
    Thanks for return, It's difficult to reply to all here...
    Try to open one issue for each request on Github
  • Best launcher out there! WHY? Because I hate clouds!

    Only thing I would like to change is the default icon setting. I use custom images, so I prefer "contain", that way they aren't distorted. But it's not a huge deal. Not even enough to lose a star! :-)
  • Создал десятка полтора закладок,расположил в нужном мне порядке.Через какое-то время они сами по себе выстроились в один ряд и где оказался мой порядок?Пока Firefox не обновился использовал Fastdial-проблем не было.
    But i'll try to find a more robust solution
  • Bis jetzt das beste seiner Art.
    Drag and Drop, für Lesezeichen, von Lesezeichen und Lesezeichen-Symbolleiste, wäre noch Nice.
    So far the best of its kind.
    Drag and Drop, for bookmarks, from bookmarks and bookmarks toolbar bar, would be nice.
    I'm not sure what you ask but if it's to add new tile with drag drop, it's a good idea
  • I love this. Thank you for creating this
  • Great, I really like, thanks for sharing. The default color theme is not good enough, I refer to the color theme of firefox, reset the color theme. I want to export and share this setting, please provide this function, thank you for your contribution again.
    For me, the default color is the same as my default Firefox theme. Look at my video.
    But you have the possibility to set many parameters to wrap your theme.
    At this time, I don't have time to provide full theme on top of Quick Dial settings.
  • It works great BUT...


    The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords.
  • Open up Firefox today and dials are a complete jumble. All (custom) thumbnails, order and settings painstakingly set are completely gone. So disappointing. It will take hours to get back to how it was. I wish had used another dial extension now.

    Too late now, but I found how to make backups of the dials file if anyone's interested. In Win 7, the path is:


    (besides the storage.js file, there was a file called storage.js.corrupt, so something must have happened)

    BTW, how do you change the order of the dials? No matter which key modifier or combination of keys I use (for example ctrl-shift), the dials just swap places. I can't drag and drop to insert dials.

    How can you be sure it's not Quick Dial responsible for the crash? After all, it's the QD files that's corrupted. What's anyway needed is an easy way to back up settings, or at least explain how to do it manually.

    The 2-window drag'n drop is an Ok workaround, wish I had known about it earlier. Maybe another thing for the readme or wiki, like the settings backup. I just don't watch long videos just to find out about a single issue. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

    Anyway, done the hours to get it back to how it was and now have a backup. Cheers
    Now, with more than 10'000 users, I've received less than 10 requests for data corruption.
    It seem that is not Quick Dial but an other extention that crash Firefox or a very old harddrive that began to slow or have bad track.

    For the second request, when dragging, ff57 deny me to track mouse wheel or page up/down.
    But at the end of my video, I show how you can move your dial to a second page. You just need 2 window.


    For the lost of the settings, I reply on GitHub :

    For the wiki, I'm missing time to create it but anyone can help me and work on it.