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  • Pretty good. Lightweight and Easy to use. Opensource. Not as bloated as most other quick dial addons, no cloud nonsense.

    Profile Import/export and sync option that works over network folders or dropbox/gdrive/other would be appreciated.
    Thanks for your feedback,
    The import/export feature is in the todo list...
    For the sync, it's more complicated, I'm waiting if an idea coming to me...
  • Почти идеально, но есть задержка в несколько секунд после запуска браузера.
    Thanks for your feedback, I know this issue...
    I'll try to handle it as soon as my free time permit it...
  • It's a nice add-on to put some shortcuts in the new page, but there are still a few problems.

    1. when I close and reopen FF, my restored Tabs will turn into quick dial tabs , so there will be dozens of QD tabs and I have to click last-page button to restore them one by one.

    2. Is there any possible to make a search bar in the QD page? It's more convenient to search when you have too many icons on the toolbar.

    3. It will be very convenient to drag-&-drop a Tab or a Hyperlink to become a shortcut

    4. I hope I can rearrange my shortcuts and folders with it's title/last used time/added time/used frequency.

    However, thanks for making this useful add-on.

    Thanks for replying my comment.
    1. Problem solved.
    2. I have many icon next to my address bar and sometimes I need to put two FF side to side, so the address bar became too small..... But it's OK that you don't want to put an extra thing on it.
    3.&4. Take your time, though I wish you have 48 Hrs a day, hehehe.....
    Thanls for your feedback...

    1. Try to increase "startpage timeout" value in QD settings...
    2. For me, the adress bar is the place to make search...
    3. Good idea, open an issue on github...
    4. The sorting feature is in my TODO list but I missing time ;-)
  • Very good addon. Just anoying two things. Is it possible to fix them in the future? After firefox start, the coursor doesnt go into adress bar. You have to click on it, to start writing. The coursor should be there on tab start. Second - After deleting a bookmark, the others should move - rearrange, so there are no blank fields between them. Just the two things and it would be perfect for me ;)
    For your first request, the focus in the adress bar, I try to find a solution...
    You can add an issue on github for this...
    For your second request, it's not my first idea, I prefer that my tiles stay on the same place...
    But I can provide that in the future, just add an issue on Github so I do not forget it
  • Thank you! Its like FastDial)
  • Great addon. But! After final setting go to "Grid" and change the name of "Root Folder". Then change back to original name "Quick Dial" and.... nothing. Just "undefined". So, that's way I loose all settings of my bookmarks. Please, fix it.
    Thanks for your feedback,
    It seem normal, when you switch your root, you start a new config...
    Normally, this parameter is set once at the beginning
    If you want more open an issue on https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues
  • Классное дополнение! Вполне заменил мне любимый FastDial.
    1. Растягивает превью некоторых сайтов, если можно исправьте. (соотношением сторон в сетке не получается изменить отдельные превью, только все)
    2. В моем случае, не всегда корректно подгружает превью, после команды "обновить" в контекстном меню QuickDial. Поэтому приходится захватывать превьюшку c новой вкладки с задержкой 10000.
    Thanks for your feedback
    1. Try to adjust the ratio in QD settings - Grid
    For Capture in new tab, at now, you need to size your window manually
    2. Some website can't be captured with the integrated update method...
    For this you can capture it in new tab but 10000s is very strange, 2000s is the default value
    Don't mess that you can open issue on https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues
  • Unlike this extension, there's another popular tab dial extension that requires cloud storage. This is much better, its Open Source and straight forward, but has enough features to make it the best of its kind on Firefox. Great work.