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  • Пока не особо надежно без импорта, но как ранний аналог Fast Dial вполне годно. Из глюков заметил, что иногда не срабатывает главная страница плагина при старте браузера. Все проблемы с медленным стартом вызывает ADBlock, заменяйте его на uBlock Origin. Долго не мог понять, что так тупит при старте и понял, что это не вина квикдайла.
    Very strange for the startup...
    Have you follow the video to see how you set your home page?
    Have you an other extentions that overide your homepage?
  • Finally, alternative to "Fast Dial"!
  • Great Addon, I like when I do not have to sync with a webservice.
    Thank you!
  • is there anyway to export and import settings for all the settings of the add ?
    so you can by that when you install firefox you can import the settings and don't spend lot of time on customizing the settings again

    Firefox version 67.0 (64-bit)

    when I go to this directory I find this file " storage.js.migrated ",
    the type of the file is " MIGRATED File (.migrated) "
    is this the file you're talking about ?
    You can copy the storage.js file from your Firefox profile
  • Sorry to say, but the experience to import bookmarks is not exactly smooth nor obvious.
    Yes, importing is mentioned in the add-ons' page, but it doesn't say how it's done at all. The contextual menu from right-clicking on the background would have been a nice place and obvious place where to include a way to import dials/bookmarks. But it wasn't there.
    I would have given more stars, but this is the most important thing for me, as I don't want to spend a long time just recreating my already existing dials. I will admit it, I am rather upset at the moment, for the lack of support for this very simple and basic feature. I couldn't even find a quick tutorial on how to do it!
    Sorry for you, if I take time to make a more advanced import, I can't work on the software and my time is limited...
  • Nice work!
    even better if we could drag bookmark from one page to another
    Look the video, open two Firefox window and drag your bookmark
  • Favorite new tab extension. Very easy to customize, minimal fiddling to get a simple new tab page.
  • Awesome, terrific, ingenious! Everything I need for my speed dialing and not a single thing more! Thank you mr MatMoul
  • Doskonały program
  • muito pesado por causa das thumbnails. devia ter uma opção de usar o favicon ou apenas o título das páginas no lugar das thumbnails.
  • The best dial extension.
  • スマホとの連携が可能な唯一のspeed dial系アドオン
  • Very nice addon!
    4 stars and not 5 because there are no option to backup/restore your settings (I think that each extension should provide this feature...)
    Last thing: an option to refresh every dial would be really useful
  • A great replacement for the old Fast Dial.

    My only complaint is that there's no option to set Quick Dial as the home page, so when I sync my settings across machines my homepage will go blank, since the ID of the extension isn't the same across machines.

    EDIT: I sync with Firefox's built in sync, however when the extension is one one machine it seems to have a different guid or whatever than the extension on another machine, so attempting to set my homepage to the mozextension://etcrtcetc doesnt want to work as the addresses dont match for whatever reason.

    Sorry to reply in-review but I didnt see a reply for your reply function.
    Thank's for your return, Quick Dial doesn't have sync solution.
    How do sync your data?
    For me, I sync my profile with rsync and that work great

    EDIT: I can't handle the guid but you can set services.sync.prefs.sync.browser.startup.homepage to false in about:config
  • It’s a best speed dial! Add "Open all links in folder" in the right click menu on folder please
  • Great extension. Among many similar speed dial addons for Firefox which I have tried, this one is the best.

    After some tweaks in setting this is the one that resembles the Opera speed dial the most. And can be even better because there are MANY options to make it as personalized as possible.

    For people who have problem with white thumbnails and no webpage preview - this is caused by canvas fingerprinting protection in Firefox. If you want to load all thumbnails: turn off fingerprint protection in about:config and after you thumbnail load properly, turn it on again.