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  • Organizing tabs in a sidebar? Amazing! Easy to use, friendly use, everything is fast, lacks some functions, I have other addons for that.

    But why does it reverse the order of my tabs? I open Tree Tabs, it creates a pretty tree, top tab is my last right tab, everything is ok.
    But after I move my tabs, the top tab in Tree Tabs is suddenly the most left tab in my browser? I move multiple tabs at once and suddenly the order is reversed? What?

    Since it makes it terrible to use in mass organizing of 50+ tabs (I use 500 tabs in one of my windows) and I cant find "reverse your tab order" addon here, this makes the addon completely unusable. This addon is simply beaten by others because they work, this one doesn't.
  • UI is friendly. Lot of customisation in the settings, if you're into that. Dev thought of everything. It would be sweet if tabs and groups in the sidebar could resized and color-coded.
  • When I create a series of groups, arrange my tabs into the groups as desired, export the session and later import the session (all on the same computer/browser), all of my groups are present with "0" tabs. All of my tab arrangement has been obliterated and all tabs are moved back to the "Ungrouped" group. Huge waste of time making the session export/import functions pointless and this extension unusable.
  • La possibilité d'afficher les onglets dans la barre latérale et de les regrouper permet de gérer visuellement ces onglets. L'interface est agréable même s'il reste quelques bugs (je pers parfois l'ordre et les groupes;; mais je pense que ces petits soucis seront vites résolus).
    Merci beaucoup pour cette extension très utile et pratique.
  • Just started to experiment this extension and it seems to be very interesting.
    Still got an issue that I cannot fix: same parameters on 2 different computers brings different behaviour: on one of them, moving a tab from a group to another automaticaly creates a new window (found no option for this).
    Thanks for your job and help.
    I have it fixed, but I have to finish some other stuff to push an update.
  • Nice.
    The groups are awesome too, but 2 suggestions for now:
    1) Ctrl-Tabulator should switch the tabs in the order that they are displayed in the sidebar. Right now it happens that by pressing Ctrl-Tabulator a tab in a different group might get activated and that is not useful (but confusing). I think Ctrl-Tabulator should only jump to a tab in the same group and not to a different group.
    2) Since Firefox now officially supports tab containers, why not (re-)use these containers in place of the groups? Redundance is never good. And if the groups were containers then they would also be compatible with other add-ons.
    Anyway, thx for this nice add-on.
    1* Unfortunately, I just hide tabs that are not in current group. I cannot replace original ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab shortcut keys, which switches tabs by tab strip (on top) order. When activated tab is "out of range of hidden tabs" My only choice is to switch to group where it is located. Sorry :(
    2* I have it in plans. For now it's "compatible" with chrome/vivaldi/opera where containers are not present. I have to "split" some code to make that possible.
  • Works very well and allows me to sort projects into their own groups! Thank you very much!

    • Can you please respect/allow Tab Container coloring on the Vertical tabs? Tab Groups works, but there is no tab coloration to easily see which tabs are in which container!

    • Also, can you please enable a "Close tabs below/above (non-trees)" and "Close tabs below/above (in this tree only)"

    If these two features are added I would give this a 5-star rating!
    Both are on my TODO list.
  • узкие табы в отличие от TST, настройка темы
    Спасибо :)
  • We like this app. I like the Tree and Group functionality together. My wife keeps over 1000 tabs up. :)

    One problem: On our unit, when you add more than a screen's worth of groups, no up or down arrows appear to allow you to move to groups that are past the screen's view. We use a laptop without a scroll mouse on a normal basis.

    (Oh...one other thing. This may not be the add-on, but Firefox tries to make a new window whenever we try to drag and drop within the tree or to a group within the bottom inch or so of the browser. Our sidebar is on the left, and the browser is set to open new windows in tabs.)

    Thank you for your efforts!
  • Removed EVERY of my 350 Tabs except the 5 pinned ones, no way of restoring them, forgot it's own settings (colors, which buttons, ...). It's very dangerous to use something unstable like this productiviely. I came from Tree Style Tabs - but at least they always worked. I'll use a better Tree-Tab-Addon in my company now (5 clients).
    I'm very sorry to hear that, but how did that happen? The only thing that comes to my mind is drag and drop between windows which has a lot of issues (caused by mozilla bug)...
    New TST is affected by this as well...
  • Fairly complete solution for tree style tab interface lovers
  • Fantastic Extension. Allows tabs to be sorted in a tree and in separate groups. Has just about every functionality I could ask for. The only other functionality I could ask for would be to have folders in the tree that tabs could be placed inside of so that you can give a more friendly name to a group of tabs. Really, really great job.
    Aaaaaand this is next feature that is coming! For now it will be a bit limited (no multiple folders selection) but at least it will be there.
  • Ever since I started using tree-style tab managers, I haven't been able to go back, and this is easily the best one I've ever used. My old go-to was Tab Tree (Sergey Zelentsov), and this one feels like an improvement in every way. Feature-rich, with a clean, intuitive interface. I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see this add-on improve.
  • Love this, sometimes it loses the hierarchy, which is annoying, but it's just so amazing it's still worth 5 stars :D

    Sadly I'm having an issue where whenever I drag and drop a tab it opens up in a new window (whether I was moving it in a tree or in a group), was not happening before but now the behavior is the same in all my pcs :C
  • Absolutelly amazing and great customization included.
    TY to author!

    way better than analogs here.
  • Thanks for the addon!
    Would it be possible to implement keyboard shortcut to switch between tab groups?
  • Excelente. Se ha actualizado y ahora funciona en las ventas privadas. Excelente. La mejor en su categoría.
  • Awesome! But the tab order is glitchy (e.g. when ctrl+tabbing through), particularly if I've adjusted the order via drag and drop. Once that's fixed, this will be almost perfect.
  • This add-on is great!
    The customization is flexible.

    One suggestion:
    Would you consider to make the toolbar icon to be toggle: Click once to show the side bar, and one more click to hide it. (Currently it can only show the side bar, but unable to hide it.)
    Done. Will be available in v1.2. Also F2 shortcut.