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  • After each restart the sidebar appears blank. Resetting to defaults brings it back, but again only until next browser restart. Otherwise very good experience.

    - reverse order option (new tabs at top)
    - double click closes tab (if it's even possible in quantum)
    - fogging long text instead of triple dot (looks better and cleaner)
    - option to completely hide icons bar (search, settings, etc.)
    1. Already possible, check out tree tabs options
    2. I have it in plans (there will be options for double click action)
    3. I will think about that
    4. Already possible, make a new theme and uncheck "toolbar" in tree tabs options
  • This is fantastic! The features are so much better than Tree Style Tab! Why doesn't this appear as a related extension or higher in the search rankings!?
  • Very good extension!

    Can you add Color Tabs Group? Like in Tab Kit?
    Color tabs based on their parent: tabs that are related and are part of the same group have the same color

    And can you add Unread/Active/Pending Tabs Color/Style too! :)
    Thanks! :)
  • This addons very comfort use as "dynamic bookmarks" and I have a few good recommendation for improvement:
    - folders must always collapsed default or make this setting for it. Folders good using as subgroups for left tabs groups;
    - when actived tab located in folder, all tabs operation related with creating new tab (such as clone of tab in folder, new tab) must work only in current folder. -- New tabs creating in current folder;
    - with close folder all inner tabs and subfolders must closing;
    - add possibility unload all tabs for folders (in folder content menu);
    - add possibility open all tabs in folder in new left tab group with deleting this folder;
    - for economy memory your tabs must to makings (html code) during activating left tab group or during unfold folders/trees;
    - real FF tabs must creating and linking only after activate your tabs;
    - option unload tabs must close real FF tabs, but your tabs must markeds like unloads and stay in list.

    Also all your tabs you can save in special folder of FF bookmarks and working from this place, where subdirs first level = groups for tab in left... Option for set base bookmark dir for addon can add to addon config.

    If in FF enabled option about save tabs before close program, then with restoring tabs of browser, you addon just must merge self ungrouped tabs with other.

    PS Addon is full replacement FF tabs, which must hide. Meanwhile I hide it through "userChrome.css".
  • Great extension, thank you.

    The main issue I have is when restoring a session (using a different extension), all the group and folder layouts are gone.

    I use Tab Session Manager to manage my session as it automatically backs up the session every X minutes + on window close which is essential for my needs. Tree Tabs cannot do this except for manually exporting sessions which is inconvenient in daily use.

    Perhaps there is a way to "play nice" with TSM, such as TT automatically saving a history of the group and folder layouts so when restoring my session with TSM, TT can re-group and re-folder what it remembers? The alternative would be to compete with what TSM already does very well and save sessions (I assume sessions also save group/folder layouts) every X minutes and on window close, thus replacing TSM in my case. For me, I prefer to use one group and split it using folders.

    The other issue that I've noticed is that when moving a tab to a folder using TT after a TSM session restore, my pinned tabs had their order rearranged. I don't know if other tabs we also rearranged. Who's to blame, I don't know, but I thought to mention it anyway.

    Lastly, I'd like to see a "Automatically collapse other trees on expand" option but for folders.

    Thank you once again for a fine extension.
  • I like it so far. Long-time user of Tree Style Tabs and only tried this one because TST now doesn't *replace* the normal tabs, it just adds the vertical ones to the side, leaving the originals in place. Turns out this one does too. Don't see the purpose of adding the vertical tabs if the horizontals can't be removed.

    Somewhat disappointed.
    We are waiting for mozilla to re-implement tabstrip hiding option. Nothing we can do for now.
    There is a hack (can be complicated for some). Head here for instructions: https://gitlab.com/kroppy/TreeTabs/issues/40
  • I am going to second almost everything "Anonymous user 762ab4" said down below, at least all the compliments. Unlike that user, though, I still recommend and keep using this extension, since I don't seem to have the same instability issues regarding opening Firefox. I only witnessed a single little glitch at launch, that I will include in my list of improvement suggestions (which incidently also include all of "user 762ab4"'s own suggestions :-)):

    - So, most times I open Firefox, although I get my session back (including groups and tree structure), my own theme (that I, of course, saved) very rarely loads up automatically. It is an easy fix, since I simply have to open the Tree Tabs option page, which gets my theme to instantly load up. It's not a big deal, but it certainly isn't the intended behaviour, and it still adds a step to the process of getting the browser up and ready and to my liking...

    - Like several other users already mentioned, I have also experienced the issue of tab dragging between groups actually opening them in a new window, and it is indeed quite annoying.

    - Although I do save my sessions very regularly, an auto-backup function would be wonderful.

    - I also support the suggestion of integrating Tree Tabs with Firefox sync. I definitely would have a great use for this possibility.

    - The Tree Tabs integrated right-click "Undo close" doesn't seem to be working (but Firefox "Undo close tab" functionality, when you right-click on the horizontal tab bar, does.)

    - I don't know if this can be done, but, if it can, I would love for Tree Tabs to systematically integrate all available right-click functionalities (that is, include all the functionalities from other installed extensions.)

    - Like many other commenters suggested, it would be wonderful to see some indication of the container a tab was opened in, if any. Getting an option to directly be able to chose to open a new tab in a container would also be very useful.
    *** BUT, unlike what another reviewer suggested - which Kroppy then said he "had in plans", which really worried me - I would absolutely HATE to see containers used in place of the groups! Contrary to what said reviewer claimed, there is no "redundancy" there. Containers and groups of tabs have very distinct purposes (I won't elaborate on the distinction, there's tons of info on that topic). I for one know how to use both properly, and certainly do, which is why I need to be able to make the most of both functionalities. Several extensions already base their so-called "groups" on containers, and they don't do the trick for me. Seeing Tree Tabs join this trend would unfortunately be a total deal-breaker, as far as I'm concerned.

    - Regarding the theme customization (which is already amazing, I must say!):
    1. I would kind of like to be able to change the font, yes, but what I would REALLY love would be to change the size of the font of the names of the groups (those that lay vertically, and that we click on to access each group's tabs). I really have trouble reading them, and being able to increase their size slightly would help a lot.
    2. Just like user 762ab4 mentioned, it would be great if the theme customization was extended so we could choose to visually distinguish between folders and their respective tabs.
    3. Maybe some more details could be added at some places, in the customization options, since it's not always obvious what each option button applies to. For instance, in the "Toolbar" section, the buttons in the grouping of 4 apply to the Search sub-menu, but unless this sub-menu happens to be open at the time you are doing the customization, you have no idea what you are modifying.

    - Finally, I'd like to say that I am definitely against "Anonymous user eb4478"'s suggestion (sorry, user! :-)) of only loading one group at a time. Here again, several extensions already do that, and that is another of the main reasons I use Tree Tabs, and would never use any of those other extensions again.

    In conclusion, Kroppy, this is a powerful, incredibly helpful and very unique extension, and I thank you for all the time and effort you are dedicating to this project! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)
  • Great addon. Much better than Tree Style Tabs in many aspects. Give it a try and you won't regret it.
  • I have been looking for a replacement for Tab Groups and this is promising.

    However, I have a lot of pages that I refer to, my hope is that someday the developer(s) will add the functionality to open one group at a time so that I don't have to load all them into memory at once. Ideally I would like to start Firefox with no open group then have the ability of opening a group and when shifting to another group all of the tabs I had open would save and close and the chosen group open all tabs. In other words each group of tabs could be loaded separately.
  • Please fix the tabs dragging from group to group. Sometimes it works normal, but more often I got a tab in separate window.
    It's very annoying.
  • Sad to say that Tree Tabs is less buggy than Piro's "Tree Style Tab."

    Although a few navigation bugs make Tree Tabs awkward to use,

    1) When the option "Append child tabs to the top" is enabled, Ctrl+Tab|Ctrl+Shift+Tab navigation browses tabs as if "Append child tabs to the bottom" was enabled -- in reverse order.
    c.f. Open two tabs from parent, Ctrl+Tab once, the bottom (2nd tab is activated). Ctrl+Tab again, the focus moves UPWARDS (not down) to the first child tab.Ctrl+Tab a third time, focus leaves the tree downwards to the next parent tab.
    Expected Behaviour, Ctrl+Tab: 1st child activated, then second child, then leaving tree to next parent tab.

    2) When navigating tabs via Ctrl+Tab|Ctrl+Shift+Tab, collapsed trees are expanded and traversed, instead of skipping to the next parent tab.

    - Existing unloaded tabs are ignored when saving Tree Tabs session.

    - No option to change Tree Tabs font family (perhaps can be rectified with CSS like pre-Firefox 57).
  • Faster than Tree Style Tabs. But it's necessary to do something with synchronization with tabbrowser-tabs. Moving tabs in tabbrowser-tabs is not tracked.
  • Tabs ungrouped and got loose everywhere, when Firefox restart.
    I guess it'll never work if it does not have Session Manager intergrated.
    I thought I found better replacement for Tree Style Tabs, but no, just the same.
    I'm sorry to hear that. I need some info to dig what happened and fix the problem. First I need a list of your installed and enabled extensions, second will be, steps to reproduce the mess... best regards and thanks.
  • The best vertical tab extension I've found by far. I like it better than Tree Style Tab because it's got tab search and tighter UI. I like it better than All Tabs helper because you can have nested tabs for grouping. My only minor complaint is that when I get enough tabs that I have to scroll, the scrollbar covers the X for closing tabs. Otherwise this is totally awesome.
  • I'll spare you a lot of reading, as most everyone else has touched on this extension's many features and usability. I will add that I like how visually appealing the tight spacing between tabs is, allowing me to see so many so clearly. Also, if you haven't noticed, the developer is uber-responsive and actively engaged in his project, which inspired me to send him a donation right off. This has made FF so much more pleasant and practical to use for me.
  • Lets you keep a BIG number of tabs open without getting lost in the list. This is as close as I've found to a replacement for Tab Groups. Thanks to one of the "improvements" in the new FireFox, it seems you can't actually have hidden tabs, but with this extension you can arrange tabs in a collapsible hierarchy like an outline in MS Word, so the sidebar shows only the ones you want immediately available. (All tabs still show up in the tab bar at the top of the page.) I was using Tree Style Tabs for a while, until I realized that it wasn't a preference I had set wrong: that extension actually doesn't have a tab search.

    Overall, this is just plain great. It's why FireFox is my main browseer.

    But still…

    • When I save a session with a lot of container tabs, they reopen as ordinary tabs — meaning, if I understand the documentation, all the usernames, cookies etc. I've been keeping for separate user IDs are suddenly visible to every site. (If you just quite FF with preferences set to restore windows/tabs, the container IDs *are* preserved.

    • Search function should open any tab currently hidden by collapsing higher levels of the tree. Right now you can't see any hits in collapsed tabs, or in groups other than the current one

    • Container tabs should show their container color

    • Auto-collapse (hides other stuff when you expand a branch of the tree) should collapse only at the highest level, so that one click redisplays that branch as it was before you opened a different one. At the moment, this function collapses everything. If you have a top-level tab with 20 descendants at three different levels, you only see direct children when you reopen
  • As a long time treestyletabs +tabsgroupmanager combo user (I still have my home machine running an old version of FF just to run both these extensions) I see this as a improved replacement for both once all features have been implemented. FOr a preview use Opera and Vertical Tabs by this author :)

    Thanks for the update kroppy. Nice to see a developer so involved. I'll hold off using FF as my main driver until they fix their local storage and you can implement suspend group.


    No suspend group? I wanted to switch over from opera where this extension kicks ass (as "Vertical Tabs") but since this is missing suspend I have no use for it.

    Lots of nice features in the opera version (colors for one) will the missing features be implemented in future release kroppy?
    You are referring to my "flat tabs" version which is this right? https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/vertical-tabs/
    And not https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/tree-tabs which is this same as this extension here, but a little bit older, since I didn't have time to update it. I wish I didn't have to sleep, so I could be more productive.

    Anyway, to answer your questions, yes. My intention is to bring all the features from my original "Vertical tabs" to "Tree Tabs" and make obsolete both older extensions "Simple Vertical Tabs" and "Vertical Tabs" for Opera.

    Suspend group functionality is on hold for now, because I can't rely on local storage in firefox, in comparison to Opera where it's much more robust. Firefox has some problems with it and often local data gets corrupted or totally unreadable.
    You can export groups to external files for now (I know, I know... It's not the same comfy thing).

    PS. If you have further questions, just edit your review. Thanks
  • This is a nice replacement for Tab Groups functionality in pre-FF57. However, I have a couple of issues.

    1) Periodically, usually after a FF crash, Tab Groups comes back and has lost all of my tab groups. The tabs are all there, but everything is dumped into the Ungrouped tab group and I have lost all of my organization. Having some sort of "auto save" functionality would be useful, where you can "restore from backup". I know you can save tab groups now, but having that automated would be more practical.

    2) When I try to re-order tabs on one of my machines by dragging and dropping within a group, the tab I am moving gets extracted to a separate window when I release the mouse button.

    Problem #2 above is a shop-stopper for me, but any help for either of these would be great.
  • Best tab manager for Firefox!!
    But I noticed one annoying behavior - after closing last tab on group, addon changes group to next instead of switching to last tab in group.
  • Worked when first installed; does not show up at all now--not on reload, not on install, not after system reboot.
    Doesn't seem to be a place to reply to Kroppy, so editing the review will have to do.

    Reset didn't work, until I resubmitted my review; then suddenly the icon to load the tabs worked. FF Quantum seems to have lots of bugs.
    Oh gosh, thankfully. Yes Quantum's storage is buggy, sometimes it corrupts data... You can see a lot of comments here with that issue. Since v1.1 tabs parents data is now stored inside of Firefox tabs themself, but all options and themes cannot be saved in windows or tabs object because those are "volatile" and can be gone at any moment. So options are still stored in local storage which like I said sometimes gets corrupted...
  • I did not test all functionality of this plugin, only the search functionality.
    Does not search all open windows for all tabs. Only searches one window.
    You must have one window open will all tabs in this window to use this addon's search feature across all open tabs. I currently have 16 browser windows open. Most of which have several tabs open. I have them divided by projects and tasks. I have to click one by one to find the site I need to be working on.
    There is a plugin that does this for chrome. I don't want to use chrome, today!

    Why 5 stars? The other features work wonderfully.
  • Absolutely love this addon! Must have for every person with 10+ open tabs.
  • I like the basic concept but what I definitiely do miss (based on my experience with other tab group add-ons) is an option to hide the currently not used tabs and tab groups from the browser's tab bar. I even think that such option should be activated by default (to avoid tab proliferation in the tab bar).

    Use case example: When I'm in the office, I often have some "not direclty work-related" tabs opened (as probably all of us do). And I do not necessarily want my colleagues to see the titles of those tabs opened in a related group which I call "private". When a colleague steps in and we are working together on something using my screen, I want to show only tabs from the active group which is usually work-related (and have the tabs in the "private" group hidden from the tab bar).

    I guess this could be easily achieved by adding an additonal option in the settings "Only show active group in tab bar" or so, where "active group" would be the one selected in the side bar.
    It cannot be done from extensions since Firefox 57 (since Quantum) and higher, but there is a workaround for this:
    Also on my project site (but I'm not sure if you will have access to it without registration):

    Mozilla developers are working on API to allow it. Once this new API will be implemented in Firefox I assure you, I will add a dedicated button to hide original tabstrip.
  • Nice addon!

    The interface can feel a bit clunky at times but it is not a dealbreaker by any means.