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  • Nice addon !
    Testing it alternatively with TST on FF 57b ...
    Promising ways to get rid of tabs above ...
    Check this script to minimize the tabBar still more ... https://www.reddit.com/r/FirefoxCSS/comments/7512nz/minimized_titlebar_buttons_minimizemaximizeclose/
  • You have the sidebar and the tab bar so what's the point. Beside you can not hide the siebar whenever you want it get stuck there. It is annoying.
  • Mozilla hasn't yet released the API that will allow this addon to hide the default tab strip. Just be patient on that, or use userchrome.css to get rid of it, or even browse full screen.

    What does bother me about this is that it doesn't save my tab groupings. Tree Style Tabs on 57+ has no problem with it, so I'm not sure if it's this addon that's deficient or if it's something to do with Firefox 56.

    It's great that this addon has its own theming tools built in, but today I start my browser and it's open to the Tree Tabs options. My theme has disappeared. I actually put a lot of work into it, so instead of redoing it I'm going to remove the addon and wait for the release channel of Firefox to update to 57 next month. Maybe this addon will have improved by then or I will move to TST. Anyway if you do theme this, make sure you "export" and save your work. For some reason I didn't.

    Developer: I read that page at stackoverflow and still don't know what to do.
    EDIT: I've read your edit just now, because I didn't see it (the one line at the bottom)... Sorry for late response.
    Go to Firefox Options - Advanced at the bottom - Network
    Try to Clear Cached Web content and Offline Web content.
    If it does not help you will have to wait for update. Sometimes cached files are still in use, so it's kinda hard to clean up everything. In next update I will provide emergency button in Tree Tabs options and load backup buttons in toolbar. In your case you probably will not be able to recover last session, but in the future when that happens again, yes. I will provide 3 backups. I'm thinking to provide save backup to hdd, but I'm not sure if I will be able to finish it for this update.

    My brother had this same problem yesterday, as few other people. If options page shows up without a reason it means localstorage data got corrupted or some part of it cannot be read. Same goes for your trees. Some have just a blank white page instead of the sidebar. Looks like Firefox has some problems with retaining localstorage, it might be that some process close unexpectedly corrupting data while saving it to hdd. In my experience it happens from time to time, but it's more frequent with last few updates of Firefox.
    They may be in hurry to release 57. I don't know just guessing.

    You have to clean local storage to fix it, otherwise problem can come back.

    In a new version of my extension I will save a lot less data, but I cannot guarantee all will be perfect and I have a lot to fix to release it. Anyway it is a good idea to save your theme like you said.
  • It doesn't seem to save my tab groupings. I had them nested, but after closing and re-opening browser, they are all at the top level. Is there some setting I'm missing for this?

    This is almost exactly what I need, if I can just figure out how to solve that issue.
    Read post and my response above
  • How to apply custom theme?
    On toolbar click on a wrench key, on the most left there is an icon with 3 stripes. It will open Tree Tabs options.

    Download some themes from here:

    When you change theme effect is not immediate. Just reload sidebar, for example change sidebar to bookmarks and then go back to Tree Tabs.
  • what is the point of this if it doesnt hide the tabs at top? they appeared again after I hit "detach tab", on all my windows. also, not a very ergonomic interface, little to no control over size of tabs.... I will not use this. good effort I guess?
  • This would've been great except that Gmail wouldn't show in the tab tree
  • This replaces everything I used from Tree Style Tabs. Nice work!
  • Finally a vertical tree style tab manager for FF57.

    How do I apply a style once I've changed it? Also please shout once you've fixed the donation link so we can say thank you properly.
  • Works great, if a bit less featureful than the previous addons. CPU/memory usage is much better though, as is speed. So I'm happy.

    Enchancement Request: ctrl tab with clicking on currently active tab. This is a huge time saver, and tree style tabs had it. Huge ergonomic advantage.
  • I typically have around 250 tabs open in FireFox, and Tree Tabs makes them manageable.

    My enhancement request is for "Folders".

    A "Folder" is just a dummy tab with a category name on it, into which can be dragged other tabs or trees or sub-folders.

    I currently simulate folders by having open, dummy google docs documents, renamed to my desired folder name. Each document is its own tab. So, for example, I can have a google docs document called "STORES" which has a corresponding tab titled "STORES". I drag tabs from Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc. into the "STORES" tab. Another dummy document called "HEALTH" would provide a tab into which I would drag all of my health-related web pages' tabs.

    It would be safer and cleaner, though, to have "folders" implemented directly as part of the Tree Tabs extension.
  • + Tabs in sidebar, good
    + Tabs in a tree, great
    - Tabs in a private window don't show up.
    - This extension doesn't reorder Firefox's tabs, leading to potentially unpredictable behavior with "next tab/previous tab" keyboard shortcuts.
  • Avoid Tree Tabs. This so-called extension has no functions at all. There is no interface, no options, no access to content, nothing. So, as to its purpose - none. It simply does not have any.
    Can you please explain? There is options page, there is interface, just select tree tabs from sidebars list.
  • Duplicates tabs on horizontal + vertical. Can't have bookmarks open at the same time. Trees are not apparent enough.
    But since it's the only one working for now with the new FF versions that's all we have
  • Odd that it doesn't change the actual tabs' positions when they're reordered in the trees, and occasionally a tab doesn't show up in the tree.
    However, I'll absolutely take it: it's the only thing I've tried so far that preserves my "select multiple tabs, put them in another window" workflow from google chrome.
  • I'm excited to have vertical tabs that are collapsible and configurable as a web extension! Let people know how they can contribute! I am so dependent on tree-style tabs. Thanks very much.
  • Works for my needs for the most part; it has a vertical view of tabs, which can be grouped into collapseable trees, and moved around, exactly as expected. Some major annoyances though! A known Firefox limitation prevents trees from being created automatically (tabs opened from links can't be automatically opened as children, unless you set ALL TABS to get opened as children which is crazy). The "normal" tab bar can't be hidden. Sync features (i.e. "send tab to device"), bookmark features, and possibly other "normal" tab context-menu features are not integrated into the tree tab sidebar. I'm still playing with it to find all the features but it seems pretty solid so far aside from the above!
    Web extensions are pretty much limited for now, probably there will be some way to sync with other devices, or bookmarking options, in the future, but for sure it won't be soon. openerId is in the works by Firefox folks, it will start working as soon as it's implemented in Firefox, so be patient it will be there.
    I will hide tab bar as soon as it will be available, there is an experimental API in the works as well. I have an update in the works to sync tabs on top, so ctrl+tab will work as it should.

    I do my best to get all the kinks out.
  • I'm a long-time fan of the Tree Style Tab extension, but with the coming end-of-life for legacy addons, I decided to try out a WebExtension option. Found this extension via Reddit, and while I agree with previous reviewers that it is still limited (especially the fact that it has zero effect on the native tab bar), as others have mentioned that's more the fault of the in-progress WE protocol than the developers. It does the most important thing, which is let me view all my tabs in a vertical tree.

    Just make sure you have the side bar visible, or you won't see your tab tree. Took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that out. :)
  • Doesn't remove the native tabs toolbar like any proper vertical tab extension should, rearranging tabs won't affect native tabs toolbar, and flickers when switching tabs.

    It's more of an issue with Mozilla than this add-on, but supporting their decision to remove all existing add-on functionality and use this instead is stupid.
  • I like to have my tabs open. Similarly to Steve Gibson of GRC. Although not "quite" as many as that. I regularly would have 70+ tabs open during a day, probably more. Firefox is terrible, scrolling them etc. I need to see my tabs at a glance. This does the job.
  • Thank you for working on this! FYI - clicking on your PayPal donate link simply takes me to the PayPal homepage :(
    Don't worry about donation. I have some problem with my paypal account, since my card ended few days ago, I have it updated, but still it's kinda suspended. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thanks.
  • I was looking for a solution for Tab Groups becoming obsolete with Fx57; Tree Tabs is the solution. The vertical tab bar with tab grouping+collapsing allows me to manage different sets of tabs for different projects. I would love for container coloring support; I think that's all it's missing, besides a built-in dark theme.

    I'm able to hide the horizontal tab bar via custom chrome css, a la https://github.com/jonathanKingston/sea-containers#demo-as-sidebar-only
  • Works well and has a decent feature set. Possibility to change colors and plenty context menu options. Has a few bugs though. Some of the sidebar icons don't work. Unfortunately there is no way to hide the default Firefox tab bar until the new web extension API allows something like that.

    I would also appreciate it if tabs opened from links in the active tab were treated as children of the active tab. Currently it is possible to attach all new tabs as children of the active tab, but not those opened from links specifically.
  • Works very well on 64 bit Firefox 54, the sidebar now opens so that issue got fixed. The only problem right now is that, with default settings, when I open new tabs by middle clicking on links on a page, they open at the bottom of the tab list, as if the maximum tree depth is 0 (when it's at the default -1). Setting "append orphan tabs" to "treat as active tab's child" fixes this, but then obviously every tab gets opened as a child of the active one, new tabs, bookmarks, etc. Would appreciate it if you could look at that.
    It's new web extensions API limitation in Firefox, tab object does not provide "openerTabId", which is present in any chromium browser. New tabs opened from a middle click, ctrl+link click, new tab button or even bookmark will not append to the tree, since new tab does not have any information which tab opened it.
    In essence there is no parent/child information.

    To somewhat mitigate lack of that, you must set "Append orphan tabs" to "treat as active's tab child" as you mentioned.

    Firefox team is working on it and I hope they will not ignore this issue.
    For this matter, you can join conversation at:
    I know he has his hands full with other more important bugs, but you can beg Kris Maglione for a fix ;)
  • When trying to install this add-on, Firefox 56 says the add-on is corrupt.
    There were internal changes in Firefox that did not allow this extension to install. Firefox team already made a fix and it should install now.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.