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  • simply doesn't work

    v7.3.7 on FF 69.0.1

    Will not download an ADP youtube mp4 without producing errors.

    companion app 1.3.0 installed too.

    "could not get information from media [filename] from C;\users\xxx\temp\xxx.tmp - The file might be corrupted"

    "failed aggregating [filename]"
  • Works great.
  • Very good extension, easy to download videos.
  • アドオンが分かりやすい上に、1クリックでOK。使い勝手がよくて、信頼性もある。とても素晴らしい。
  • I used this add-on for years and loved it. For some reason now it's barely usable. It doesn't detect videos on every website like it used to. When you do manage to download the video you want, it now does something called aggregating, which lasts hours. Yes, HOURS. The downloaded video is watermarked to boot. I can't recommend this add-on any more.
  • Je le trouve super, il peut télécharger partout.
  • Works well and seemlessly for most sites. It has problems with Red Bull TV resulting in jerky video and audio sync.
  • Super extensie, werkt altijd en kan alle bekende formaten aan of naar converteren.
  • Excellant than ever!
  • An excellent ad-on!!!!! The most useful ever... Thank you Mozila for creating this...