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  • Does exactly what i wanted, great add-on
  • Total crap, even 1 star is too much! All it does is saying "companion application required". Forcing me to install some app? That's sure NOT what I expected! Most of one-line reviews here are fakes...
  • Excelente programa, recomendo.
  • already helped me a lot, even though a) at first use it's a bit clumsy to find your way through the icons and options and b) recently it more often asks to first install the "helper" application.
  • I installed this add-on because of the great reviews. Little did I know that it takes 15-20 minutes to 'download' a 4 minute 1080P video from youtube. The extra time is the combining of files (aggregation). After it does its aggregation you get a WATERMARK in the combined video, RUINING the entire thing! The developers say that you want to remove this watermark either don't choose the ADP option when you download or PAY them. Surprise surprise, the MAJORITY of HD videos on YOUTUBE have this ADP next icon to them. In other words, if you want download in HD you HAVE to choose the ADP version of the video. RIP-OFF! Did you guys PAY peeps for the 5 stars reviews or what?

    Edit: Ok maybe was a little harsh in my review but this add-on works on other websites where the videos do not need to be combined together. Still your business model is flawed in this day/age. There are plenty of other (free) video download options out there which do not force users to do things they don't want.
  • Plusieurs videos bloqués... Flash downloader les contournait souvent...
  • ดีมากครับ
  • Boa extensão, mas insere um QR Code no vídeo de forma que você seja obrigado a pagar 25 dólares para liberar vídeos sem a marca d´água.
  • love it. works great.
  • Quite good. Want to donate or get the proper license but need a better interface to feel my payment info is secure.
  • it doesn't work, and it's impossible to download a new version
  • Used to be a very helpful program. Very difficult to get it to stop throwing a barcode on top of videos now. I have upgraded to J dnowloader. This was a must have and is now a must skip.