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  • I'm happy with this app. and recommend to other firefox users too.
  • It's really a great add-on to download videos from different web sources, which don't permit to download the video directly.
  • this app asks for way too many access permissions. Check carefully before accepting them.

    also places a huge, intrusive QR code "watermark" on top of the content
  • 此附加元件對於下載線上影音檔案非常方便、好用且支援蠻多的網站!
  • Не работает!
    Просит скачать дополнительные приложения!
    После скачивания дополнительных приложений, конвертирует видео с водяным знаком!!!
    Для возможности получить видео без ВСТРОЕННОЙ РЕКЛАМЫ требует заплатить 28$ !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ВЫ ТАМ ЕБАНУЛИСЬ В КРАЙ ????????????!!!!!!!!
  • Video DownloadHelper never failed me. It is a very useful tool to have. Thanks so much Video DownloadHelper.
  • mi piace
  • Not all video downloaders work with YouTube. This one does.
  • 非常方便,简单易用!
  • buona ma incompleta
  • Liked this video downloader. It's not the fastest one, but it suits for me at the moment - the installaton 'process' should be a little bit easier - but as a whole - good job.
  • This is a solid, flexible downloader. It handles the common formats and works pretty seamlessly.
    The truth is that I rarely even think about it (which is exactly what I want in a downloader!)--it functions smoothly and controls are intuitive.
    I'm not someone who will ever want to depend on a single downloader for everything, but this robust tool has gotten a workout since I loaded it.
    After 500 downloads I have no complaints at all.
    There are many worse downloaders, and few (if any) that are better. This app deserves to be on your computer, too.
  • vereist nu een extra app om video's te downloaden. en deze is nu betalend!!