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  • nul ne fonctionne pas 3 heures de perdu
  • Having to download software that operates outside the Firefox enviornment is a big no-no from me. Used to be good but now, it's just not worth the hassle. Especially since the video you end up with is pretty much unwatchable. Avoid this.
  • km,
  • Вимагає встановити на комп'ютер рекламного модуля, без нього - не працює.
  • how dare you to put a watermark in the video, and your downloadhelper was the best before you put a watermark on the videos....
  • This used to be the defacto addon for downloading videos. Now every attempt I make to download videos takes hours to convert, the final video is stuttering and unwatchable, puts a watermark on everything, and wants you to install additional software on your computer to function. Ignore the positive reviews, those are from the days when it actually worked. I wouldn't be surprised if its harvesting information for hackers. Stay far away!
  • The best program to download anything :)
  • sin lugar a dudas es una increible herramienta, me permite descargar videos de casi cualquier sitio we, he bajado cientos de vidos con el.
  • É o melhor programa online para baixar conteúdos da internet, seguro e prático.