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  • 這個軟體根本就是福音
  • For the most part, it just works. I recommend this extension.
  • OK!
  • Usage quotidien, fonctionne parfaitement.
  • My go to video downloading tool for Firefox. Also good to see that the program is updated with improved features - when problems arise or the downloader needs a tune up.
  • I use this to download ze pornos off Pornhub. It works great.
  • За много лет работы с приложением были всякие моменты радости и досады. Однако сегодня я не мыслю своей жизни в Сети без DownloadHelper. Спасибо разработчику!
  • Require "external" programs. Not an Add-on.
  • Does it's job without creating a load over the system. Thank you guys <3
  • Excellent feature that has helped me find older educational TV shows that are no longer airing for my toddler to watch. Has not failed me yet and doesn't come with any bloatware or adware!
  • Funktioniert zuverlässig auf allen bisher getesteten Seiten.
  • Extremely useful and properly functioning addon. It might take some time to get used to the interface (like videos detected in tab, running downloads, finished downloads, etc..), but it is pretty straightforward.. Multiple downloads are possible at the same time (up to 6 or 7 simultaneous downloads, but any extra will be queued and will be downloaded without any problems.. I was able to click "quick download" on about 25 videos in a webpage and all of them were downloaded eventually with no problems).

    Very useful when you have a subscription to an online video library/course that you don't want to keep paying for every month just to watch the same videos over and over again.
  • this is a most useful utility that is both easy to use as well as enabling me to access content for later consumption, and by so doing, facilitates my education of innumerable concepts and matters that enrich my life