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  • This add-on actually can *not* save videos. In order to save a video, it asks for downloading a 'companion' app, which is an executable that has to be installed separately and hence the browser security restrictions do not apply to it - it can do virtually anything.
    This is highly suspicious, because external applications are not necessary in order to save files. I removed it and installed a different video downloader add-on which can save files just fine without 'companion' executables.
    Another suspicious thing is that this addon requires some permissions which are not needed for the functionality it provides.
  • I want an addon that does exactly one thing, download videos. This addon used to do this, but now they have started to run videos through some kind of converter (= slow) and leaving a big watermark on the video, asking for money to remove it. Completely useless, uninstalled.
  • Works really well in theory, but as others have said before, it puts a huge watermark on the downloaded video, then asks you to buy a "premium" version without that anti-feature.
    The add-on does not tell you that beforehand, not even in the description! Downloading a video can take a long time so it is deliberately wasting your time just to increase the chances of you paying for it. I call this misleading and a shady business practice.
  • It is very easy in easy to handle
  • easy as heck to use
  • One of the best Add-ons for firefox. So easy to use and helpful. Thank you!!!!
  • Funktioniert tadellos.
  • on ne peut pas s'en passer,en tout cas pas moi))et un petit don de temps en temps c'est cool pour eux,et pour nous pareil pour continuer à download
  • Very handy, works for almost all of the media types.
  • 100分好用免費下載工具,這輩子再也回不去了
  • Das beste Download-Tool, das ich kenne - unverzichtbar!
  • Why does it need all these autorisations: Access to your data for ALL websites, exchange messages with OTHER programs than Firefox, consult and modify the history of downloads, access Firefox activity while browsing Internet.
  • It an awesome tool user friendly
  • I'm happy with this app. and recommend to other firefox users too.
  • It's really a great add-on to download videos from different web sources, which don't permit to download the video directly.
  • this app asks for way too many access permissions. Check carefully before accepting them.

    also places a huge, intrusive QR code "watermark" on top of the content
  • 此附加元件對於下載線上影音檔案非常方便、好用且支援蠻多的網站!