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  • buenísimo lo mejor
  • require a separate program to download
  • Probably one of the best video downloaders, works flawlessly most of the time.Just one gripe,should internet or download cut off for any reason, you lose the download which can be extremely irritating if you've download a large file and it's near the end and you lose everything. However there is a trick one one can use to avoid this. After the video has started to download, right click on the download and select pause, then after a couple of seconds restart and if download is interrupted after that you can normally get it back by right clicking restart without losing any data.
  • It works but it adds a large ugly watermark (QR code_ to the video unless you pay which makes this useless.
  • Facile à utiliser.
  • Хорошее дополнение. Внешний конвертер, который иногда требуется для скачивания на некоторых сайтах и для части разрешений видео на YouTube, немного неуклюжий и в некоторых случаях требует плясок с бубном, но я думаю, со временем разработчики его улучшат. В остальном никаких нареканий нет, и те редкие обрывы скачиваний, которые я заметил, происходили по вине моего интернет-соединения или самих сайтов, заменяющих источники видео.

    Nice addon. External converter that's needed for some sites and some YouTube resolutions is a bit wonky and sometimes requires extra tinkering, but I'm sure devs will patch that out eventually. Other than that, I'm pleased with the addon. Rare instances of cancelled downloads all happened because of my faulty internet connection and some sites changing video sources mid-download.
  • GOOD!
  • tres facile d utilisation et choix dans les formats de videos.
  • It works well and fast. But need improvement in downloading videos from Youtube
  • es muy bueno pero a veces lo bloque
  • Nag screens. Watermarks. This addon has gone to shit. Giving it 3 stars because at least it works.
  • Funktioniert einwandfrei - Top!