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  • Very useful for downloading when Explorer "save as" doesn't work or when Firefox's Tools - Page Info - Media doesn't permit downloading. Pretty user friendly too after using it a while.
  • A very useful piece of software that I have used so far. Thanks for implementing this extension.
  • Wertvoller Downloadhelfer und oft die einzige Option wenn sonst nichts geht.
  • molto utile
  • Great app... Thanks. 100 videos downloaded and converted and renamed. Big job, 400 to go. Progress seems slower if multiple vids are downloading but i'll live with that for now. Donation after job completed.
  • complete addon
  • Great App. Very reliable and consistent to download videos. Only thing is that if you have chosen multiple videos the order of download is random.
  • This is the best app and it delivers what it promises.
  • good extension to download videos but a bit too pushing to write review on itself. Understood but quality of this add-on speak of itself