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  • Very useful
    Downloading movies is very convenient
    If you want to download a video, you must use it.
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  • Excellent module, je m'en sers principalement pour enregistrer des chansons diffusées en streaming. Un must-have !
  • works perfect everytime. some people complained about watermark in the videos. i dont have that problem. try it for yourself
  • Top App. Sehr zufrieden.
  • Es muy práctico
  • Produit très performant.
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  • slow but steady ... not the fastest, nor the most straightforward, however, can one really complain-- about an add-on/extension that does the job, at no cost to the user and doesn't make my browser crash?
    I think not. Recommend: Install the 'companion app'.
    Yes, all mp4's will have a watermark or QR code in the upper left hand corner. Many reviews cite this as the reason for giving the app 1-4 stars.. but MIG updates the extension regularly, provides video tutorials & instructions, and is trying to make a living -- hence the $29 charge for the conversion license, which removes the watermark. (Take a look at the list of websites the helper will download video from.. it's exhaustive.) This is not a piece of sh*t add-on.
    Kinda ridiculous to review an app on anything but its functionality, in my opinion. If the watermark is an issue, use another extension.
  • I hate that QR, or what called , better not have option d/l, Free???? Not think this add free /J So 1 of 5
  • if you have problems with the RAM overflow while watching streams, then know that the problem is in this tool, turn it off until you use it.
  • Very nice tool, works very good