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  • Pratique à utiliser.
  • downloaded the added file, but it would not identify any video of the many websites I tired. Worthless extension
  • 相當好用,在各種不同網頁上的影片都可以下載
  • ใช้ได้ดี
  • must install an app, shit
  • Kein link wurde bisher erkannt, somit kein Download möglich
  • has not been downloading for a long time. Why didn't I remove it before?
    uzun süredir indirmiyor. neden daha önce kaldırmadıysam..
  • Completely fails to download videos from KVS Player V6 at anything above a snail pace. Also cannot show direct video link to these videos anymore, brings up a Php extension instead.
  • Can't download anything, an error message always displayed: "Failed downloading media manifest"