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  • I am hating this application. It doesn't work. The video I try downloading says "Aggregating..." but never stops. This means that the videos never truly download. It just sits there. Am I supposed to download something else along with it? If so then this program is ridiculous. I am looking for something else.
  • Suddenly requires a companion app to do anything else (installing software on PC) I've uninstalled it.
  • Excelente aplicación para descargar videos!
  • Insère de la pub dans les vidéos, option payante pour retirer. Poubelle.
  • This add-on worked fine for free before, now it has a giant watermark on any video.
  • Hot garbage. does nothing special that other video downloaders don't do, and requires an add on to convert video to other formats that immediately asks for money to convert. Probably paid for the good reviews. Avoid.
  • perfekt für schlüssel
  • great
  • Very nice tool, perfect for my workflow. Thank you!
  • awesome, the best!!
  • Nice addon
  • Bei YouTube und Vimeo funktionieren die Downloads nicht!
    The downloads do not work with YouTube and Vimeo!