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  • What's the point of releasing something that works halfa$$ (it's not even half, more like 1/10 of an a$$). Completely ruined plugin.
  • This isn't how you handle updates.
  • ParticleCore, what are you even doing? You have just updated an addon with everything removed. Why didn't you just NOT release the addon, add the features then release it? Good luck with the negative reviews buddy
  • it was just a complete package for youtube, contained many features the video preview when you hovered over the video being my favorite, i hope you could add the features again
    The plan is to add most, if not all, of the features again.
  • Like many people are saying, the new update completely ruined this.
    Installing the older version doesn't work either, it just keeps resetting the settings back to default every time you change them...
    Was it really necessary to remove all features while you rewrite the extension, instead of leaving the previous version up?
  • Has been a great add-on for a long time. The new "update" removed all features. Why push an update through that does not work? They need to revert it, until they finish rebuilding it. A blank menu page... is a sick joke.
  • I do not understand why the developer did an update when the older version with all the features was working nicely and now the version 1.0.0 removed all these features.
    The reason? he re-write it from scratch...

    Imagine my GNOME or KDE or MATE desktop showing me only the terminal after an update because they re-write it from scratch... or GIMP removing all keyboards shortcut as well as the "Colors" and "Tools" menu because they re-write it from scratch? (and they re-write it from almost scratch)
    In comparison it's what you did!

    That's not how you should behave as a software developer... You gave features, then you remove all...

    This behavior will got you only negative review which will made your extension appears far at the end in no time when searching a youtube extension, which also mean people will try others extensions instead, and once people have tested others extensions they will forget you...

    Plus, the 0.2.5 version in the Version history need to be re-installed every time you open Firefox even if you select to NOT update automatically (Firefox detect after a re-start of itself, that the iridium is not the latest version and disable it)

    Why i kept the 5 stars. I am still asking myself...
  • I enjoyed this extension for a long while but I cannot understand why push an update that obviously isn't ready, like what's the point?
  • Why was this great extension just screwed up for no reason?
  • Tried rolling back to 0.2.5 but videos no longer play, even with all adblockers off. They just stay with their thumbnails on and the play button showing.
  • How do I get the last version back? Surely we can install an older version?
    1 star for version 1
    5 starts for the version before
    The previous versions are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/
  • two days now it doesnt work
  • The previous update had features. I can understand the dev wanting to start from scratch BUT WHY push an update out that makes the extension useless. Should of kept the old version up and worked on the new version behind the scenes. Releasing once its got most of the features. I for one will be deactivating this now useless plugin. it literally does nothing now
  • I loved being able to blacklist channels. Main word being LOVED. With the new update, that had NO WARNING by the way, everything is gone. No warning for an update that removes everything, if this were a paid product someone would have been fired and rightly so.

    Everything functionally useful was removed, dark theme and auto play are still there buy why even bother with it for those when theyre parts of youtube or mimiced by dozens of other extensions.

    Dont bother with this version.

    Go to your firefox profile folder then to \browser-extension-data\iridium@particlecore.github.io and open the file, copy everything after {"iridiumSettings": and ignore the last } and you have the old settings back.
  • 1.0.0 just does not work. Hope to fix it.
    I’ll leave the rating for the previous one.
  • All went tits up with the new update. All options are gone, nothing works anymore except dark theme... Why would you do this?
  • The 1.0.0 Update ruined this plugin for now.
    I went back to 0.2.5 but my blacklist is gone.
    The blacklist feature was the main selling point for me and many others.
  • Everything Worked but since the update nothing works, an older version doesn't work either because than there is the bug again with the video that isn't playable.
    The Current Function are useless because there are plenty other addons that has them already.
  • I like how refined the newer version looks so far, but of course I'll be sticking to an older version until the features I consider essential are implemented. Thanks for the continual support.