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  • can't imagine youtube without it, but it worked for a good long while but one day for no reason, videos on youtube stopped playing, and infinitely load, I tried reinstalling all of Firefox and anything I could think of, but nothing worked, and I could not find ANY support for or google anything useful. so now I can't use it for whatever reason, i'll never know
  • I love the features way better than any other Youtube Add-onn, but then it stops playing videos. An earlier comment says to enable auto play in the iridium settings and it will work fine. You can do this and then disable auto play in youtube and it will work fine. Still annoying though.
  • What's the point of a module for Youtube, if Youtubes's videos can't be played anymore???
  • Thank you.
  • Quite a few lovely, useful functions... but causes YouTube videos to never actually load.
  • All very good, but because of your addon I can't watch videos on YouTube. Your addon is great and I don't want to delete it, but this problem is force me to diactivate it.
  • videos would not play with this addon installed
  • This used to be a great extension. As of the last few weeks however, Youtube videos no longer play with this installed.
  • Did not play at all - you have to enable "Play videos automatically" and then it started playing fine. Another reviewer noted the same issue 3 days back.
  • 期待外れ、全く使えん見れん始まらん

    With turning off "Play videos automatically" at (ttps://www.youtube.com/) iridium-settings (Iridium tool bar button bring you there),
    videos never play auto, even manually!