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  • The add-on was excellent when it worked like it is supposed to. At some point YouTube updated behind the scenes, and the developer seems to have not caught up with the changes, rendering the add-on useless, as videos won't load when it is enabled. 5 stars when it worked. 2 stars now, hopefully the developers decide to do something about it soon.
  • Sorry but videos don't load with this extension...
  • Broke youtube, doesn't work.
  • This addon is cool because it shows the days since a video was published and the number of videos a channel has, and it's nice that I can enable ads only on channels I am subscribed to. However it breaks the video player, because videos never load after the addon is installed and they are stuck on the loading icon.
  • This is the only add-on I have found that allows me to block entire Youtube channels with a single click. Very simple and gratifying, to say the least. I used it to block all of the obnoxious 5 min craft, troom troom, and other related channels from my and my children's computers. I will be recommending this add-on to everyone I know, thank you so much to the developer(s).
  • No video can load. It only shows a black screen with the loading circle on it.
  • When enabled this breaks Youtube, all videos are stuck on loading.
  • After installing Iridium, YouTube videos does not play anymore !
  • Использую в связке с Enhancer for YouTube™ (https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/enhancer-for-youtube).

    Некоторые функции из аддона у меня не работают, возможно это вызвано конфликтом различных установленных у меня дополнений, но не факт.