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  • Can't watch a single video with this addon activate.
  • "Used by over 0 million people" Nice.
  • Breaks youtube, videos won't play with extension installed.
  • This is a great add-on. However, the developer took a break from development 3 months ago after many years of non-stop delivery of great functionality


    Some things are already broken since YouTube is always changing.

    The only critical issue for now is non-playing videos. It's easily fixable. Just enable [Iridium settings -> Video -> Play videos automatically] option.
  • Videos won't load...
  • Видео не проигрывается, заодно блокируется просмотр и на странице Ютуба.
  • nice addon
  • It´s really well designed and non intrusive.
  • I added this and was not able to use the whatsapp extention so I removed this.
  • Great one! I have read several comments, videos don't play...

    At Iridium settings ---> Video ---> ENABLE Play videos automatically(!)


  • nc
  • I have done some diagnosis, it seems that the no-play issue lays with 1080/720p not loading properly (and preventing the playbar from loading in if it hasn't already), not the plugin itself.
  • Extension is pretty similar to the old YouTube Plus. I do wish that it mimicked the old YT+ extension and allow me to disable Autoplay and hide the switch.