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  • I enjoyed this extension for a long while but I cannot understand why push an update that obviously isn't ready, like what's the point?
  • Why was this great extension just screwed up for no reason?
  • Tried rolling back to 0.2.5 but videos no longer play, even with all adblockers off. They just stay with their thumbnails on and the play button showing.
  • How do I get the last version back? Surely we can install an older version?
    1 star for version 1
    5 starts for the version before
    The previous versions are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/
  • two days now it doesnt work
  • The previous update had features. I can understand the dev wanting to start from scratch BUT WHY push an update out that makes the extension useless. Should of kept the old version up and worked on the new version behind the scenes. Releasing once its got most of the features. I for one will be deactivating this now useless plugin. it literally does nothing now
  • I loved being able to blacklist channels. Main word being LOVED. With the new update, that had NO WARNING by the way, everything is gone. No warning for an update that removes everything, if this were a paid product someone would have been fired and rightly so.

    Everything functionally useful was removed, dark theme and auto play are still there buy why even bother with it for those when theyre parts of youtube or mimiced by dozens of other extensions.

    Dont bother with this version.

    Go to your firefox profile folder then to \browser-extension-data\iridium@particlecore.github.io and open the file, copy everything after {"iridiumSettings": and ignore the last } and you have the old settings back.
  • 1.0.0 just does not work. Hope to fix it.
    I’ll leave the rating for the previous one.
  • ***EDIT : Slowly going back to normal***

    All went tits up with the new update. All options are gone, nothing works anymore except dark theme...
  • The 1.0.0 Update ruined this plugin for now.
    I went back to 0.2.5 but my blacklist is gone.
    The blacklist feature was the main selling point for me and many others.
  • I like how refined the newer version looks so far, but of course I'll be sticking to an older version until the features I consider essential are implemented. Thanks for the continual support.
  • I use this for the blacklist. Now the update today has completely broken that feature. It's just gone. I saw a response to a review that suggesting using an old version, so I did that, but the blacklist that I spent months building is just gone. Why is it gone?
  • Addon updated today with literally none of the features it had a few hours ago.

    The only features in the current release are automatically playing videos and showing max res thumbnail.

    I understand wanting to do multiple releases to get features out as you make them, but that doesn't un-ruin my experience using an addon that used to work more or less fine.

    There should have been a second beta install, not a replacement with 0 features.
    You can always use the version that you prefer and only update when you wish, they are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/
  • This was a great app until the update. Now it dpes not work on Firefox for Mac
    The new version 1.0.0 has undergone huge changes and comes with few features with every new release, but if you want to use the previous version you can find it here still https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/
  • It's been working great for my purposes until just a few minutes ago, the logo has become black and clicking on it says 404 not found. I tried disabling and re-enabling it, but to avail. Prolly needs a quick update (no updates showing right now) and it'll be up and running again. Recommended.
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Used to work perfectly but just updated today and now I can't disable 60fps or anything because everything is "Coming Soon"

    Shouldn't release an update to an add-on like this unless the extension is working! Especially since I currently can't find a working alternative in the meantime.
    Guess I'll have to watch all the 60fps videos in 480p now...

    Edit: Oh, okay, thank you!
    The decision to push small releases with new features means users won't have to wait for the entire extension to be fully developed. However this does not mean you cannot still use the previous version you prefer so head to the version list and pick the one you'd like to use instead https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/
  • This add-on used to be great. But it hasn't kept up with changes to the YouTube website, so about half of this add-on's features don't work anymore.
  • Installed this to get reverse playlists. The setting is there but the button doesn't show up.
  • Does not work... Video can't play after install Iridium...
    The most funny and the biggest irony is, that userscript the "YouTube +" (see github.com/ParticleCore/Particle) works well... (I'm using Tampermonkey.) Are You sure that the Iridium is former the YouTube +? It does not look like that...