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  • Requires urgent maintenance!
    Until a few days ago a top ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ extension.

    Now the videos do not load anymore!
  • videos don't play anymore when addon is active... so this addon is useless....
  • suddenly stopped working, doesn't load videos anymore.
  • Was working fine, but suddenly videos didn't play anymore. Enabling Autoplay in Iridium and disabling it in YT solved the problem, as suggested by a former commenter. Try this if you have the same problem. Otherwise, it's a brilliant addon. I am especially fond of the blacklist, never having Bright Side and Troom Troom sneak into my play list again!
  • While it seemed cool, this plug-in caused YouTube videos to just load, not play, just load. Disabled it and the videos started to play instantly.
  • a good extesion
  • bien
  • straight up did not work
  • Videos just keep loading. Otherwise great extension
  • smooth
  • Нравиться расширение всем. Но блин ребят, куча же каментов про то, что видео на YouTube не воспроизводиться вообще, если отключить автовопроизведение видео. Это ж одна из наивостребованных функций. Что тут из разрабов никто вообще не присутствует? ТТолько поэтому поставил 3ку.
  • Amazing addon, I wish the very best to the author!
  • I loved this extension, has a ton of incredibly useful features. But as of today, YouTube videos will no longer load while this is enabled.
  • I can't get it to work :/ i really liked using it on chrome
  • I have no clue how 0 million people are using this???!?!!?
  • This add-on should be an in-build feature of the Youtube webite.
    But, since about 3 weeks, videos just load, load, and load. I can't watch any YT video. I tried to reinstall Firefox, reset the settings of the add-on, but nothing fix the issue... I have to see all the crap-trending video every time i open youtube.
    Please do something ! :D
  • the quick controls need a option for dark themes
  • Best Youtube Add-on ever!!