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  • Had good ideas but it's pretty much abandonware now.
  • Prevent videos from playing. ANY videos.
  • Made YouTube stop playing ANY video.
  • It was a decent replacement for Youtube Plus and the old Youtube Center, but the dev stopped updating it since Jan 2019. Now YT videos don't load anymore and the extension's settings are unreachable.
  • Depuis que cette application est installée, aucune vidéo YouTube ne charge.
    After installing this add-on, YouTube videos doesn't load anylore.
  • Videos stop working after installing this, reversing playlists doesnt seem to work either.
  • Abandoned.
  • Many have commented that the Add-on has stopped playing videos. There is a setting under Video Settings called Play videos automatically. Turn it ON and videos will play. This setting will turn itself OFF from time to time. Just go in to turn ON again. However, there is one feature that is broken called Enable reverse playlist control. I hope that gets fixed soon.
  • This extension caused youtube to not work as expected anymore. None of the videos could be played.
  • This add-on has not updated since January. It is broken. Do not use unless it is fixed.
  • Wonderful addon, much better than the popular YouTube enchancer. It is a pity that the development is abandoned, I will continue to use it as long as it is supported by YT.
  • OK ALL