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  • Many have commented that the Add-on has stopped playing videos. There is a setting under Video Settings called Play videos automatically. Turn it ON and videos will play. This setting will turn itself OFF from time to time. Just go in to turn ON again. However, there is one feature that is broken called Enable reverse playlist control. I hope that gets fixed soon.
  • This extension caused youtube to not work as expected anymore. None of the videos could be played.
  • This add-on has not updated since January. It is broken. Do not use unless it is fixed.
  • Wonderful addon, much better than the popular YouTube enchancer. It is a pity that the development is abandoned, I will continue to use it as long as it is supported by YT.
  • OK ALL
  • Unfortunately, this addon completely breaks Youtube. Videos don't load at all.
  • Videos didnt play, please update this add on.
  • Iridium is just a plain disappointment and not worth anyone's time, it caused the videos to load forever no matter what I did. I got it so I could watch a couple of youtube series in the correct order (reverse playlist as said in the 7th feature highlight), yet the function never even showed up. No matter how many settings I changed it was just plan disappointing.
  • When Iridium was installed, YouTube videos would never play. When I uninstalled Iridium, the same videos did play. DOES NOT WORK AND HAS ADVERSE EFFECT
  • Thumbnail preview does'ot work.
  • Unfortunately, if I have it anabled, my videos don't play at all..
  • I can't believe it's "Used by over 0 million people.".
  • Precisa de novas atualizações. É uma extensão 5 estrelas que poderá ser reavaliada com apenas uma estrela, se o desenvolvimento da extensão parar. Correção de bugs já seria o suficiente.

    Para os teimosos, ainda é possível utilizar a extensão. Deixe habilitada a opção "Play videos automatically".