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  • I also have experienced the videos not loading with JUST Iridium add-on enabled. Turning on the "Play videos automatically" under Video Settings does allow videos to play. However, I'd rather not have this feature turned on. I hope you will figure out what the bug is.
  • Awesome add-on. I especially like the feature that allows the blocking of annoying youtube channels. As another reviewer said below, if videos don't play, just click the iridium "Autoplay" icon which is under the title of the video. The icon is a triangle pointing right.
  • Dodatek wydaje się fajny, lecz przez niego filmy się nie odtwarzają.
  • perfect!!
  • Videos won't play anymore. YouTube might have updated something.
  • Please update, the videos don't play anymore with this extension installed. YouTube must have updated their backend or something.
  • Yep ... YouTube videos won't load on the YouTube page (they will work on embedded YT videos, however). This must be a YouTube issue (not a Fx Quantum problem because I still use Fx v56). This problem just started today.
  • To fix the bug where videos will not play, you have to enable "Play videos automatically" (not the same as YouTube Autoplay) in the video settings.
    While I personally prefer this setting to be enabled, this bug really shouldn't exist. I don't know if it's due to a YouTube update or whatever, but a lot of users are annoyed with this issue.
  • As others have said, youtube doesn't load today. Hope it gets fixed quick.

    Otherwise must-have extension
  • With all switches off and iridium activated in extensions youtube does not play the video.
  • I can't watch YouTube video won't load with this plugin since morning 29,01, 2019 !!!
  • Used to work flawlessly, but as of today (2019-01-29) videos will not load with this plugin enabled.
  • I can't watch youtube (The video won't stop loading) with this plugin since today. Nothing changed on my computer, it just stoped working for no reason so i had to turn it off sadly. I'm hoping a quick fix :c
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