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  • Dosen't work. :-(
  • Can only support you by rate-up.
  • It doesn't work
  • No site-specific exceptions
  • Is not working
  • 很好用,终于不用开一次浏览器点一次缩放了,适合近视人士和眼花人士。
  • Kupa
  • Best version is 56.1 im still using it on Firefox ESR, but you must edit it to remove timer that disables the addon and also allow the use of unisigned addons.
  • the best XUL version of this extension is 56.1. however the author removed it from the site and also it has a built in timer to stop working. if you Google for nosquint Plus 56.1 you should be able to find functioning modified versions. you will need waterFox or a similar browser that allows unsigned xul extensions. good luck
  • The addon would be perfect if it worked! Currently, you can set the zoom for all websites but can't make exceptions for specific websites, although this functionality is intended. So please developer, release the source code or update this thing finally!
  • Работает через раз - бесполезно.
  • App worked till december 2017. Since then no new versions. Doesn't work on all later versions of FF. Maybe the developer stopped workin om the app. If that's te case he better notced the users. This is not decent behaviour!!
  • Too often, this just fails to work. Restarting Firefox has fixed the problem at times, but I haven't tested it outright. I don't recall this problem with the Firefox prior to the current generation. Not sure what the failure mode is, or if this is an individual page issue or if the program fails for unrelated reasons (say, too many tabs open).
  • Stopped working in FF 57. Now does nothing.
  • 能保持网页永久放大
  • Kudos to author for the effort.

    Firefox on a PC is useless without NoSquint. Useless.

    Could at least make work for ESR 52.x.x ?
  • Stopped working in FF 57. Now does nothing
  • I loved the old NSP, it was part of my 'must have' extensions for years. But now it just doesn't work.
  • what a piece of garbage! no good for nothing!
  • This extension is a mirror of the original. It looks and it's supposed to work the same. But it doesn't work at all. It sort of does work if you downgrade to FF 56 and install nosquint plus v50. But that is not an optimal solution. And even then, it had deal-breaker bugs like not remembering per site settings. I don't blame the developer or the original developer for that matter. FF has sacrificed plug in/add-on functionality over security. And the new WebExtensions add-ons just don't cut it. We're all safer now. Just need reading glasses I suppose...