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  • This extension is a mirror of the original. It looks and it's supposed to work the same. But it doesn't work at all. It sort of does work if you downgrade to FF 56 and install nosquint plus v50. But that is not an optimal solution. And even then, it had deal-breaker bugs like not remembering per site settings. I don't blame the developer or the original developer for that matter. FF has sacrificed plug in/add-on functionality over security. And the new WebExtensions add-ons just don't cut it. We're all safer now. Just need reading glasses I suppose...
  • Doesn't always work for me - I alter the slider and nothing happens. In fact the font of the 'nosquint' panel is in some parts too small to read !! Anyone know of a better add-on ?
  • didnt work with FF59 , restart with 120% size all the time. too much memory usage&& memory leak.All i can do is using another extension like Zoom page we
  • just installed it, and already loving it, both functionality and tweakability in prefs. Default global page zoom tested working on several sites in FF 59.0.2 macOS High Sierra. Thank you Baris!
  • bad work
    Работает в Ferefox отвратительно. Настройки слетают чаще, чем держатся, а то и не работают вовсе. Когда-то был No squint - вот он работал хорошо
  • ⛔❎⏬⤵
  • Doesn't work with FF 58.0.2, and judging by earlier comments, this extension has been wonky for a while. Do not install until latest reviews improve.
  • working as of 14 Feb 2018
  • 駄目だわこのアドオン
  • Hasn't worked for FF52+ ESR for 4 months. v50 was the last version not to include a date check to allow it to run, so best to install that.
  • This is the best zoomer for sites and global settings! It is the only one that can zoom in and enlarge pics without having to scroll left/right to see the enlarged page!

    I loved it before Firefox Quantum and I am so glad it is here now for the new Firefox.
  • v 62.1 just updated on my computer even though I had set to no updates. Now I don't have +/- buttons any more
  • NoSquint Plus (originally NoSquint) was a favorite add-on - until the three very convenient and intuitive adjustment buttons were removed; I had been using version 56.1 in Firefox ESR (now at version 52.6.0) until it was apparently disabled.

    Why was NoSquint 56 disabled?

    In any case, it has now been removed and replaced with Zoom Page (version 15.8), which is merely adequate.

    What had been an outstanding add-on has been destroyed; what a pity.
  • супер
  • It doesn't work anymore. What a pity!!!
  • Перестал сам работать на версии 56.хх.
  • Разработчик гандон. Было отличное расширение, он его угробил.
  • сам по себе перестал работать на esr 52
  • Useless.
    Breaks normal zoom, and adds nothing in return.
  • Here we go again! This guy keeps writing "expiration dates" into his extensions! If an older one works, LEAVE IT BE! You just keep making things worse every time. Mozilla should really have better controls over extensions as to the author constantly screwing them up. How about it being fixed and working properly? Version 50 was great, showing the zoom settings at the top of the screen, instead of the new "lousy" way of showing it at the right in the address bar. I'd be willing to donate to have a version without an "expiration date" if I could!

    ALSO, quit deleting the reviews that "you don't like"! I know this has been going on for a very long time! Let folks see the real picture, and not what you "want them to see". Again, Mozilla should have more control over these issues!
  • It doesn't hold the settings on Firefox. It seems to on Chrome.
  • This crap cannot remember per site settings at Firefox ESR 52.5.3 x64 - global settings.
    That's why zoom level is completely disaster and you should change it every time when opening the site.
    Do not install it.
  • After some fighting I got it working with FF 56 and using version 62.1 => it always needs to be open in a tab to work correctly.

    Does this sound stupid? Yes, it does even to me. But after some testing I got it finally correctly working by always having the extensions preference dialog open in a (pinned) tab in the background.

    From that moment on it seems to work fine so far ...
  • As of now, this addon is a crap! Doesn't do what it says. Switched to Zoom Page WE