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  • FF56, Linux. The zoom functions don't work any differently than native zoom. Don't know about the other features, I don't use them. I used the old NoSqint for years, loved it, but, unfortunately FF made changes that broke it. I will have to try some others.
  • After several updates that did not provide Text Zoom on every page, in the most recent version, 62.1, Text Zoom does seem to be working, at least for me. I am still seeing some weird behavior, such as screens getting larger when the slider goes down (in full zoom). I'm seeing this especially on http://worldofsolitaire.com/. But okay, there's been improvement. And thanks for decreasing the size of that hideous NS+ icon; much less an eyesore now.

    Firefox 57 will apparently include a native zoom function. Will it eliminate the need for NS+? Or will NS+ perform better? We'll see in a matter of days.
  • Since FF 56, notification of the successful installation of Nosquint always appears when I start FF. On all my computers. Very annoying.
    In the settings of FF I have "blank page" How can I change this?
  • Todo lo que necesito, Gracias.
  • This addon's settings interface always looked like the kind of interface only shady people know how to make. The behavior of the developer in the last few months has only confirmed that appearances oftentimes don't deceive. I mean, deleting a version from the version history??? I didn't even know that Mozilla allowed that bs and I am going to report this addon. Good riddance.
  • Why do you even ask?!
  • This addon used to be great. Since the latest updates the VERY VERY annoying new tab opens up. Since that happened I continued to use 56.1 because it worked great and did NOT have that sketchy behavior. Now 56.1 has mysteriously vanished from the version history. Does anyone know if it's possible for a door to be opened for malware with this behavior. Deleted entirely for now. Awful experience.
  • Refuses to save any zoom settings. Stupidly clicked on update button before i realised what i was doing and the only version that actually works, 56.1, has been removed from version history, so i cant reinstall it.

  • Why has version 56.1 disappeared from your downloads page? It is the only version that works properly.
  • Every time I open Firefox, this addon opens its welcome page in a new tab. I'm on FF 57b014 and I use private browsing. Happens on all my computers, including Linux virtual machines. How do you stop this irritating behavior?

    If it weren't for this niusance I'd give it 5 stars
  • At he latest version of 57.0b14 (64 bit) if I will change the Text an background, then that site will no longer work with NoSquint Plus 62.0 ( NoSquint Plus 62.0 delete ==> after reinstallation, Firefox cache and profile storage I cleared).
  • Where are the site settings in the latest version?
  • Ever since versions 60.0+ this has not worked correctly;

    -Pages sometimes need a reload to activate the zoom level.
    -When updating to 60.0+ versions it wipes all per site settings. (FF Version 51.0.1)
    -Remove that time bomb you have built-in, so if we like a version and a version of FF we can stay at these levels w/o being forced.
    -Where is version 56.1 this was the last known properly working version. Why was it removed?
    -I'm going to revers engineer to remove the time bomb
  • NS+ still does not work. I notice that when I open the NS+settings via the FF add-on page, there are references to Chrome, not FF. Perhaps the wrong file was uploaded to the FF add-on site?
  • Because the settings for each site disappear immediately (in Firefox version 55.0.3), I can't use this addon. It does not work after multiple deletes and reinstallations. So sorry. ;(
  • Always opens with the donation page or a new tab. Honestly, Firefox has become a really crappy browser. I'm switching over to Opera... it takes a whole lot less time to load pages and it doesn't freeze up like FF does. But the whole startup on the donation page is really awful. Are you trying to FORCE people to donate (in order to remove your solicitation from the browser?). Sure seems that way.
  • I understand there may be problems updating the add-on to be compatible with the forthcoming Firefox 57. Hopefully you can get it sorted. If not, then at least you tried! :)
  • Like others, I removed it because it now always adds an unwanted tab at startup.
  • While the app works well , there should be no reason for a persistent start tab . Removed app and will not use it again . less than one star
  • removed because of adding at tab startup
    rating is actual no star !! but this was not possible
  • NoSquint Plus is adware. If you block 3rd party cookies this extension will start a new browser session with an add page.
  • The global settings not working