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  • shame it has been abandoned
  • I give up NoSquint Plus. It did not work well for Firefox 57. I found Zoom Page WE working fine for me. You can set zoom page and text levels based on site or tab. I am so happy with Zoom Page WE......
  • This Works For Firefox 56 users
    (Thanks to user ae8425, for keeping my solution alive)

    Download No Squint Plus version 50.0 from here


    You have to choose 'Download anyway'

    This will download an xpi file (nosquint_plus-50.0-fx.xpi).

    Save it anywhere you want on your PC (easiest is just the desktop)

    Now drag and drop this xpi file onto your Firefox shortcut on your PC desktop (even if you have Firefox running).

    You will now be prompted to install the Add On

    And there you go. A working No Squint Plus for Firefox 56

    PS; Set updates to 'Off'

    For some reason i cant find my original review, as i posted this before, so i post this again.
    So here you go, this works flawless if your willing to stay on FF 56
  • I find that the settings don't stick; even reloading a page loses the settings. I think I am correct in saying there is no way to create global settings.
  • Невероятный сайт и предложения!
  • Shame, with my old eyes and a 27 inch monitor, I need this. I thought when it went to NS Plus it was something Firefox acquired or was backing more than other add-ons. I will not upgrade to 57 unless this is working, period.
  • New installation of Firefox 57 - NoSquint Plus still won't work. It's a pity. So long and thanks for all the zoom.
  • All versions after 56.1 don't work. I tried them on a new installation of Firefox, with a new profile. It's the only addon that's impeding me from upgrading to Firefox 57+. Any plans to fix it? With version 56.1 I rated it 5 stars, but sadly now I rate it 0. Anybody knows of another similar addon that works in ff57+ ?
  • THANK YOU!!!
  • I've always liked nosquint, but in the last few versions before the awful 57 and now with the change to a 57+ version, it's very hit or miss. Sometimes settings per individual sites work, sometimes they don't, sometimes the interface comes up off of the menubar button and allows changing settings, but does not accept the settings -- clicking the save or the close buttons do not work and the browser must be rebooted. This behavior seems new to Firefox v.57, which brings a host of broken parts, blechh. It was not broken, now it is, good work.
  • this addon does not work anymore. i loved the visited, unvisited text color highlight. anyone know of a similar addon that does the same? please fix this addon for the new Firefox versions!
  • It simply does not work anymore, even before FF 57: I have set the default to 80%, new sites always show up at 100% and sometimes even 120%, never 80%. And in any case, when FF is rebooted, everything has to be done again.
    How come that such an extension, which is pushed by Mozilla itself (how come the function is not a FF built-in one?) has become that erratic in the past weeks?
    What are the alternative tools?
  • I have been really thankful for this add-on for a long time. Yes there's a little hick up right now, and it did not work to create a completely new Profile in Firefox 57.

    However I found a workaround so I can use this til it's fixed.
    It seems to only work with 1 saving/settings/site. Then I have to restart FF, and make a new setting to a site.
    Hope this helps anyone else.

    ThanX a million for this add-on @Baris Derin! Can't live without it!
  • This addon does not work. Don't waste your time on it. Even if the author of the addon makes it compatible for the current version of Mozilla Firefox browser, the developers of Mozilla will "upgrade" their browser to another version higher and the addon will stop working again. Guaranteed. It's a constant race between No Squint developer and Mozilla developers to see who can make the life of the browser's users more miserable. Both strive to win the title "The Worst Product of the Year".
  • Doesn't work. Tried creating a new profile, also doesn't work at all.
    So don't blame users who didn't follow the instructions.
    Also don't blame Baris too hard. We do not pay him for his work.
  • Version 62.1 is not working well. Not working at all. But: version 50.0 is working like a charm, try it if you have problems with latest versions. See it in oldest versions. To the author: I have no time to make new FF profils and copy files for ours, etc., if 50.0 is working well, why can't you able to do the latest version properly???????? Shame.