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  • I've used NoSquint for years and it has really helped me, but just recently it's not working properly. It may be this newest update. Please fix it. I need to see the tiny words and pics. Thanks!
  • Начиная с 61 версии, включая 62 дополнение вообще не выполняет своей функции, масштаб страницы вообще невозможно изменить, даже вручную
  • A good addon but little problems with the new versions
  • I already left two reviews, so this is just an update for everyone who is complaining. Stop. It's not the easiest task to rewrite an extension. Updates are coming, and this extension is getting better. Sure you can leave a bad review, but it doesn't help fix the issues. I've left a detailed review of what I found wrong, and the developer is working on them. I'm on NoSquint Plus version 62 right now, and the right click still does not work, and using the toolbar icon per site settings don't stick when re-opening the sites. Thank you dev for continuing to work on this, and hopefully you can get it to where it was before. At least global setting stick, and that's what really matters to me. I set all sites at one zoom level, so I'm good.
  • The developer of this addon clearly has limited knowledge how to test and apply these so called upgrades. Incompetence and erasing negative comments seem to be his primary abilities.
  • Can you please take the latest upgrade away and burn it? I keep uploading the previous version but it only lasts a day and upgrades itself, now it's disappeared completely.
  • Full zoom level in site settings not to be saved - 1 day stays persistent accident.
  • I agree with other comments - NoSquint Plus was fantastic (5 star), but something is wrong with version 61.3. One thing I noticed in the global setting for Mozilla - is that everything says "Chrome" (i.e. Remember setting between Chrome restarts" or Zoom Setting is "Chrome API".

    Going back to v56.1 and it works like the NoSquint+ that we are used to.
  • used to be the best. but recent firefox updates render this addon useless :(
  • Dont know whats happened with the last update but likes been said already it causes site settings not to be saved.
  • An older version of NoSquint Plus that you can install with Firefox 56+ to use fully functional

  • Getting pretty tired of NoSquint always updating to a version that does not work. Like now. Since this functionality is essential to a readable browser, why does Mozilla rely on an "add-on" in the first place? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • First of all, I love this addon. I couldn't surf the web without it, which is why I think it's imperative that it gets fixed. The Zoom In (+) and Zoom out (-) buttons on the toolbar need to be restored. When I use the mousewheel to zoom in, it zooms in, but I "try" to zoom out, it "zooms in" even more.

    I thought that the best thing to do was to try an older version of both Firefox and the addon, and it worked for a couple of weeks, but all of sudden, it just stopped working. Also, same for the text settings when you click on the icon.

    Please get this working again.

    Update: apparently, that "unable to zoom out" thing only applies to some sites, but not all of them. For example, it works here on this addon page, but NOT on Google.com
  • For the time being, was able to adjust settings using the tab and arrow, and enter keys. For some reason, the add-on not working with mouse clicks, at the present time. Use TAB KEY to get to GLOBAL SETTINGS. Once there, page opens and can use mouse, to make and SAVE settings!
  • When clicked on "NoSquint Plus Site Settings" the popup menu appears for just a brief moment and then instantly closes. Please, fix it. Thank you for the great add-on!
  • i rely on this extension because i have pretty bad eyesight, but the developer keeps releasing broken updates.
    Why not revert to an older one then?
    Because the developer has timebombs in his code which stop older versions working after a certain date.
    Please remove the timebombs untul you can properly bugtest your new versions
  • I think you only realize how good it is when it has a problem. I worked my way up to 61.3 but have reverted to 56.1. How do you find out it's fixed ?
  • The later versions of NoSquint Plus are not compatible with the most recent non-Beta version of Firefox (56.0.1). Instead, they are supposed to be compatible with the beta-version of Firefox 57+, which I have not tested. I rolled back to an earlier version of NoSquint Plus (56.1) and it works fine. Be sure to turn off automatic update for NoSquint Plus, otherwise it will change NoSquint Plus 56.1 with NoSquint Plus 61.3. I would rather not replace my current version of Firefox with the beta-version Firefox 57+.
  • Cant use any laptop > FHD without this extensions
  • None of these versions are working for me with Firefox 56.0.1. Went back to NoSquint 56.1 and everything works fine.
  • Yeah, it's broken here also on FFox and Chrome too.
    No context menu anymore when you right-click a webpage. Please fix it, this was THEE best addon for me.
  • I had to go back to NoSquint Plus 56.1 to get it working again. Is there a way to fix it for Firefox 56, so I can use the latest version, or is it just broken in newer versions because it is now exclusively a web extension? Thank you for making it compatible with 57, cause I do plan to move to that version soon.
  • Последняя версия не работает - не запоминает настройки.
  • I'd like to second the mention of weird zoom levels, and the most recent update also seems to be overwriting fonts on sites, making all content just look entirely messed up. Is it possible to roll back to the previous version? I depend heavily on this plugin for work.
  • Its not saving any of the Site Settings after the update.!!
    Using Ctr+Mouse wheel zooms in & out, by like 0.03%