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  • This used to be awesome with Firefox versions <57, but it hasn't worked in a year.
  • 沒作用呀,耍我嗎?
  • I guess this was something once, but now it's nothing, because it doesn't work, same as all Baris Derin extensions. Last updated 2 years ago!!
  • Nothing happens when I click on Site Settings following right-click in web page. No toolbar icon, no context menu, no nothing. OS X 10.14 (Mojave), Firefox Quantum 68.0.
  • Causes tremendous resource usage, cooling system spinning up to crazy levels when enabled.
    Likely an embedded cryptocurrency miner. Be careful.
  • Thanks for taking care of old NoSquint
  • Nem a beállított nagyítással nyitja az oldalakat. Régen jobb volt. Volt Global és el lehetett menteni. Amit beállítottam, annyira nagyított. Ez pocsék!
  • とても便利に愛用してきた。ところが2019年03月から、常に誤動作してばかりで、まったく使い物にならなくなった。どうやらFirefoxの最新バージョンでは誤動作の嵐が起きる仕様のようだ。
  • Unexpectedly stopped to work and also slows down FF in some tabs (FF reports and suggests to block it).
  • Solve my problem.
  • Doesn't work. At all.
  • Not worth installing. After installing this, all webpages loaded at 120% font and I had to manually set each one back to 100%. Needless to say, this got old real quick. This addon needs work.
  • It's not working at all
  • Sometimes it saves the settings, sometimes it won't work altogether and stays there like a dummy. When I totally forget it exists, it starts working again, saves stuff but after a while it shows its true colors again ;( ; v. dissappointing.
    very useful addon if it works flawlessly and I couldn't find any alternative anywhere.
    No response from developer too
  • Does not save settings. This add-on has 1 job to do, but it doesn't do it.
  • Forces all pages to be zoomed in 120%, despite changing it to 110% in the settings. Literally does not work.