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  • I would give it 5 stars if i didnt have to authorize google drive every single time, very annoying.
    EDIT: I finally figured out what the issue was,I believe it was user error. I went into the settings, I didnt know it was there, and added it there, now it works everytime. updated to 5 stars, since it is excellent add on .
    EDIT:Nevermind,came back up today. this is annoying, removing this add on until this is fixed.
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  • Dropbox and Nextcloud sync! =3
  • Recomendo.
  • 添加不到Firefox
  • 5* experience. I was looking to move away from Lastpass and found this excellent bit of kit. Store my keepass database on OneDrive, have my key locally and then pair them up - and can now easily log into websites. Really great piece of software. All the more impressive because it's open source. Thanks to the developer.