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  • Works perfectly
    Only 4 stars because I would like to use shortcuts to fill my form
    Thanks for the review! Could you elaborate on what you mean by shortcuts? Some key-combination to open Tusk and autofill with the first match?
  • One of my "required" add-ons. Although it seems to be broken on Ubuntu 18.04 with Firefox 59, It works flawlessly in Chrome.
    Get it now
    Thank you! I'm looking into the ubuntu 18.04 issue and will hopefully be out with a fix soon.

    EDIT: Documented in https://github.com/subdavis/Tusk/issues/146 and due to ibus/ibus bug

    The pop-up can be accessed in a normal tab.

    1. Navigate to about:addons in Firefox
    2. Click preferences next to Tusk
    3. In the address bar, change options.html to be popup.html

    You can bookmark this page for quick access.
  • Worked like a charm, but then I imported the same local db and key file on fresh firefox and ubuntu 18.04, clicked tusk icon and got the message 'unlocking...' and then it's over. never got to the menu to even enter the password. Dev is very responsive on git so keep it up!
  • Way better than KeepassXC-browser. The "Shared Link" thing doesn't work with OneDrive either...but regular OneDrive connection works.
  • Best solution I have come across. Password not stored indefinitely, allows sharing links from nextcloud to only the encrypted database, handles the odder sign in systems (google) where autofill failed and, best of all, a simple good looking UI capable of all but deep entry editing.
  • Great, works like a charm.
  • Brilliant! Easy-to-use. Just a bit of a lag to reopen the database on each invocation but not really annoying. Could probably speed it up by working with a local copy instead of cloud-based version.

    Any chance of a form filler too (addresses, credit cards, etc)? :-) Echo other reviews requesting ability to write to the database too. e.g. automatically recognize when a new site is used, offer to generate and save password.

    I'd be happy to pay an annual subscription fee and contribute to the project to ensure ongoing support and development and to ensure that it remains secure, ad-free and open-source (?)
  • I was looking for an alternative to KeePassXC-Browser and found Keepass Tusk! Perfect to avoid opening KeepassXC each time I want to fill passwords. Morevoer Keepass Tusk works flawlessly contrary to KeePassXC-Brower which requires to connect again and again.
  • If there's only one extension you'd want to install on Firefox or Chrome, it will be this. I cannot imagine life without it and it is absolutely perfect at what it sets out to do.
  • UPDATE: The developers comments below are correct, I did confuse the keyfile with the database - I don't even use a keyfile for my database. Thanks for clearing that up. Five stars!
    Original reply:

    Hey there! I just want to let you and future readers know that database corruption with Tusk is completely impossible.

    The reviewer above simply got their keyfile and database mixed up. When tusk tried to decrypt their database, either they tried to decrypt their keyfile instead of their database or tried to use their database as a keyfile.

    Your keyfile goes in the "manage keyfile" tab.
    Your database goes in the "manage databases" tab.

    Please be aware that Tusk cannot under any circumstances corrupt your keepass db. It does not have write access to any cloud providers or direct filesystem access, and cannot modify your keepass db in any way. You should always keep a backup anyway, but Tusk never requests write permissions to any third party storage.

    Thanks for updating your review!! Most people never bother doing that :D
  • Thank you so much for bringing this to Firefox! Proper Keepass support was the only reason I was still using Chrome and could't use Firefox as my default browser.
    Thanks for being an awesome user and taking the time to write a review :)
  • Works like a charm.
    Glad to hear it, Thank you!
  • Has a straight, modern UI and just works
  • Works great, I would give it 5 stars, could it also write to the db. The way it is now, you still need another program to write to your keepass db. This could also be seen as a feature, I guess it depends on, what you want.
    This issue is being tracked and I'd love to add it sometime in the future. Thanks!
  • A good alternative for the outdated CKP as seen in https://www.reddit.com/r/KeePass/comments/7ojc50/security_flaw_in_chrome_keepass_ckp/
  • Would like to edit and create passwords.
    Thanks! Ability to add and edit is definitely a feature I'd like to add too. For right now though, Tusk is intended to be read-only.
  • Great extension !!

    Make me love firefox again ;-)

    First extension to integrate keepass in Firefox painless ! (incl using database in cloud)
  • Works w FF Portable Apps :)
  • Was looking for something that would allow me to view my KeePass database from my Dropbox, in my browser.

    Works well and looks great. There are some minor hiccups in the workflow, but I'm satisfied.