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  • Impossible to copy passwords out of the box; clicking a protected field hides/unhides and gives no option to copy field

    Re developer response; I can see that it's possible to copy passwords, but protected fields show no obvious way to be copied, which is what I meant here. Clicking the field just hides/unhides the content of the field
    There's a positively enormous button to copy passwords at the bottom of the window. It's huge. You can also click the copy button from the list view page -- it's right there next to the autofill button.

    Really, that button is so big......
  • Nice addon. But what is missing is the auto-fill.
    We also need to be able to generate new password from Tusk instead of KeePassXC and thenthe new password would be written in the database.
  • how the hell is possible that it take me 1.5 years to find this perfect extension
  • I would give it 5 stars if i didnt have to authorize google drive every single time, very annoying.
    EDIT: I finally figured out what the issue was,I believe it was user error. I went into the settings, I didnt know it was there, and added it there, now it works everytime. updated to 5 stars, since it is excellent add on .
    EDIT:Nevermind,came back up today. this is annoying, removing this add on until this is fixed.