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  • You lost me at "read-only".
  • So far so good, its nice to have an extension that handles the API calls to all of the cloud services I actually use (especially PCloud) instead of the bulky and annoying process of remembering to enter them all into a desktop client on linux, remember to flip back and forth between browser and window, etc etc. Makes it like Firefox's Sync password browser or BitWarden minus the annoying "let me fill that in for you' glitching insanity.
  • Love this extension! OK, you can't save to KeePass, but as far as autofilling is concerned it's a massive time-saver. Some of the autofill fields slip the net, however. But in general it's spot on.
  • Tusk has been searching for a new maintainer for over a year as of the time of this review, excellent little addon, however there are other addons out that operate similarly such as "buttercup", https://alternativeto.net/software/buttercup/?license=opensource&platform=firefox that actually allows you to SAVE credentials to secured archives in realtime on similar platforms such as google cloud... they do not rely upon keepass archives. This is free, not freemium. Any freemium password manager means they require your email at the very least and store your data on their servers
  • It works well enough, but having to enter the master password so often is very inconvenient. Even with the slider at 24h, restarting the browser will reset the add-on. So basically you need to enter your master password every time the browser starts, even on the same Windows session. That's annoying. 5 stars if that was fixed.
  • Fonctionne parfaitement avec Keepass 2; testé depuis plus d'un mois quotidiennement et aucun problème; aussi bon que LastPass et Logiciel Libre ( Un don est laissé à votre appréciation mais le logiciel le mérite) : A conseiller et adopter
    Works perfectly with Keepass 2; tested for over a month daily and no problem; as good as LastPass and Free Software (A donation is left to your appreciation but the software deserves it): To advise and adopt
  • Awesome!
  • Best Keepass extension ever!

    A bit scary that it automatically scan all our GDrive to find the password files instead of letting us choose the folders. However, it has all my trust.

    Very smart, very time saving: perfect!
  • Does not work at all. May be I am missing something, but in case of no detailed documents, it should work intuitive. I selected One Drive for storage. Expected: browse to my KP database on OneDrive. But no way to do so.
  • Impossible to copy passwords out of the box; clicking a protected field hides/unhides and gives no option to copy field

    Re developer response; I can see that it's possible to copy passwords, but protected fields show no obvious way to be copied, which is what I meant here. Clicking the field just hides/unhides the content of the field
    There's a positively enormous button to copy passwords at the bottom of the window. It's huge. You can also click the copy button from the list view page -- it's right there next to the autofill button.

    Really, that button is so big......
  • Nice addon. But what is missing is the auto-fill.
    We also need to be able to generate new password from Tusk instead of KeePassXC and thenthe new password would be written in the database.
  • how the hell is possible that it take me 1.5 years to find this perfect extension