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  • A good alternative for the outdated CKP as seen in https://www.reddit.com/r/KeePass/comments/7ojc50/security_flaw_in_chrome_keepass_ckp/
  • Would like to edit and create passwords.
    Thanks! Ability to add and edit is definitely a feature I'd like to add too. For right now though, Tusk is intended to be read-only.
  • Great extension !!

    Make me love firefox again ;-)

    First extension to integrate keepass in Firefox painless ! (incl using database in cloud)
  • Works w FF Portable Apps :)
  • Was looking for something that would allow me to view my KeePass database from my Dropbox, in my browser.

    Works well and looks great. There are some minor hiccups in the workflow, but I'm satisfied.