118 reviews
  • Awesome!
  • Best Keepass extension ever!

    A bit scary that it automatically scan all our GDrive to find the password files instead of letting us choose the folders. However, it has all my trust.

    Very smart, very time saving: perfect!
  • Does not work at all. May be I am missing something, but in case of no detailed documents, it should work intuitive. I selected One Drive for storage. Expected: browse to my KP database on OneDrive. But no way to do so.
  • Nice addon. But what is missing is the auto-fill.
    We also need to be able to generate new password from Tusk instead of KeePassXC and thenthe new password would be written in the database.
  • how the hell is possible that it take me 1.5 years to find this perfect extension
  • I like the idea, but it asks for the master password very often (at least with google drive), even when the slider is moved to "remember for 24 hours", so fast logins without writing a password are not possible. While this issue exists I prefer using other solutions based on local db files