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  • didnt fill anything on any site.
    You have to actually open the pop-up by clicking the button, then select an entry to fill...
  • Works great on PC, absolutely perfect.
    Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Ubuntu for whatever reason. The menu closes instantly after clicking on the extension icon.

    found this update to fix ibus issue
    Works just like normal

    The issue with Ubuntu is caused by a piece of software called ibus. Here's more information about that issue: https://github.com/ibus/ibus/issues/2002

    Here's how you can work around it until it's officially fixed: https://github.com/subdavis/Tusk/issues/146
  • Does not support keyfile-only databases.

    E: It's critical for me, I only use one database and for the sake of convenience I'm only using a keyfile for it. I'll be happy to turn the rating into 5 stars once it's fixed :)
    This issue is fixed in version 2018.9.23. Could you please update your review?


    This can be added fairly easily. I'll take a stab at it this weekend. Are there other problems that lead you to leave a 1-star review, or is this just a really critical feature for you?

    For future reference, feature requests are easy to add on https://github.com/subdavis/Tusk/issues/new
  • Must say, i tried really hard to make it works but still 401 error for no reason, also putting on cloud technology your datafile sounds a bit unwise.
    Have potential to be great but UI needs big improvements to reach a larger public
    This problem has been resolved in version 2018.9.16. Could you take another look and update this review?

    If there are other UI / usability issues, you're encouraged to submit an issue to ttps://github.com/subdavis/Tusk/issues -- Thanks.
  • Đồ tốt
  • This add-on works perfect without issues with easy integration with KeePass databases, This is a great solution if you are trying to move from LastPass to KeepPass and want a web extension.
  • Works well with .kdbx files, no need for extra work or addons!

    Well done!

    Thank you!
  • Pleas add MEGA.CO.NZ as cloudserver
  • It just works. Installation, import of database and access to passwords is easy.
    Autofill works on most major sites that I have tested. However, autofill does not seem to work on the Mozilla Addons login page.
  • Local or internet Key file is okay.
    Easy to setup and look for passwords/accounts.
    Works well. Autofill.
    Can't edit/modify data/records/accounts.
  • Really good addon! everything works like expected.
    The only negativ thing is you cant edit or add entries.
  • Moim zdaniem działa jak należy. Ale doszłem do wniosku że nie jest mi potrzebne.
  • It might be useful to let people know somehow that if you're using OneDrive (and likely a few of the other 'cloud' options as well), you have to create a sharable link before the database file will be recognized... I spent HOURS trying to figure out how to get the file to be detected... but everything I've found is always about Google Drive...

    Well here, hopefully someone will see this!

    The app itself is clunky but gets the job done. Its not very pleasing to look at when interacting with it either... But oh well, again it gets the job done. It gives zero feedback to if anything is working in terms of linking a database file... You just tick a slider, it'll ask for your permission, and then..... nothing.... you have no way to know if it worked. No error if it doesn't, and no 'success!' when it works. You just gotta click up there on that tiny icon and wonder 'is it working?'.

    Well, if you don't see your database file instantly up there, then no, its not working. So go check to make sure you have a shareable link with full permissions on it.... otherwise it apparently will never show up...
    Hello! Thanks for the review, particularly the complaint about feedback after authorization.

    For anyone reading, the part about needing to to create a sharable link is mostly incorrect. You shouldn't need to do anything for tusk to recognize your keepass database other than name it ending with .kdbx

    However, the collective experience is that the OneDrive API is very unreliable, to the point that I am considering removing support for OneDrive. Here's what happened:

    Tusk: Hey OneDrive, do you have any files with with the extension kdbx?
    OneDrive: Nope!
    * you shuffled some options around, inadvertently causing OneDrive to discover the file. It should have worked the first time.*
    Tusk: Hey OneDrive, how about now?
    OneDrive: Yes! Here they are.

    I'll make a note of this, since apparently creating a sharable link causes stale indexes to get updated or something like that. Thanks again.
  • cool