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  • 添加不到Firefox
  • 5* experience. I was looking to move away from Lastpass and found this excellent bit of kit. Store my keepass database on OneDrive, have my key locally and then pair them up - and can now easily log into websites. Really great piece of software. All the more impressive because it's open source. Thanks to the developer.
  • Great extension and nice

    This extension is integrated with keepass in Firefox painless ! (incl using database in cloud)

    Would be nice if there is an option for a longer permission to open database files in the cloud.
  • Looking forward to using this.
  • Just what I needed, haven't found any bugs so far. I hope Mega implement that Java stuff you said about which I don't know how works so you can add support to MEGA. Thank you!
  • Sceenshots are all blurred. I have installed program but there is no direction on what to do next. My only choice is to "Get Firefox Now", but I already have.
    Tusk is not offered on Firefox for Android. Please delete your review.

    If this isn't clear, then your complaint is about the Firefox Add-on marketplace, not Tusk. Also, you have clearly not "installed program" if you are seeing the "Get Firefox Now" button.
  • very convenient. many thanks to developer.
  • The extension itself works great. But I cant give five stars as long as there is no Mega cloud support.

    Please, add support for Mega if its possible at all.

    Thanks for your interest in Tusk.

    Mega.co.nz will not be supported until _they_ can provide a reasonable JavaScript-only API. They currently provide only C++ and C# SDKs and do not support OAuth. You should complain to Mega about their poor developer support.

    If Tusk could support Mega, it would. Please feel free to comment on https://github.com/subdavis/Tusk/issues/153 if this did not answer your question.

    If possible, please update your review with the understanding that Mega support is not feasible.
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