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  • Have to log on FB or Google to use it ? lol no way.
    See detailed corrections.

    In fact, that's mean without login you basically could not see any correction except for capital letter correction or something else like this.
  • I had the chance to try it for a certain amount of time but unfortunately it doesn't work anymore. I cant login. I think it has something to be with cookie requirement. But I don't intend to to accept third party cookies and I don't see any acceptable reason for it to be mandatory in order to login. So I will go for another similar app.
  • Enhancing our writing!
  • When i type something in facebook an annoying logo places itself on my text. I can't even read the words beneath it.
  • This plugin makes pages take 4 times longer to load and the browser freezes for a few seconds during the page load. It also slows typing as it seems to recheck your grammar for every character you type. Some optimization could make this usable.
  • Totally trash!
    It mondatory shows you advertisments even if you delete this trash!
    Be careful!