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  • A Major Nuisance App!! It has suddenly started constantly opening up windows EVERYTIME I start using Firefox bugging me that I am not logged in (even though I HAVE BEEN!), pushing me to install Grammarly for Windows, and their damn Icon BLOCKS your typing area in ANY comments, input area or such on every website! This app is more trouble than it is worth! I've switched to LanguageTooler GmbH No membership or login required!!
  • DO NOT USE. Anything you write Grammarly takes license of. So if you write a novel or a short story they own the rights to it and can sell and use it WITHOUT your permission.
  • Stop popping up on every damn website asking me to activate!! If not fixed I'll be cancelling my subscription. I have for the sites I want and don't need to be prompted every time I go on the same sites where I have disabled.
  • Grammarly has helped me and refreshed my memory on the correct way to write. I am so thankful for them to be available and being smart enough to sign up. Thank you Grammarly!
  • Great tool for every day use, I am excited for more site support and a login feature for the extension :)
  • I always thought that my grammar was perfect until I started to use Grammarly. Now I know it's perfect!
  • I paid with pleasure. You would not need to think about grammar anymore. Now you can spend your time more on the content and how to reach your audiences rather than the grammar or correctness of the text.
  • This is one of the most useful tools out there. Thankfully I am not running into any issues as of yet. I hope everyone can get it straightened out because they're missing out. This is my favorite resource for sure.