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  • When it works it works well. My problem is that it is not installed in my programs and I must sign on each time to activate/start the service. Were it in my list of AP's and on my task bar my rating would be a 5-star, N'other words, although it seems to be writer error, I have blamed the AP for the problem. Yes, the last sentence was humor.
  • worst experience with firfox add on............ its lagging too much .............
  • It is a fascinating service from the UI provided by the grammarly but the add-on auth is not working even after signing up. (Firefox Quantum V65.0.2 - 64bit )
  • heel goed
  • grammarly its fine but in firefox extension its not getting login
  • Rubbish on Firefox!!! I've signed in (and can go to the Grammarly page and it recognises I'm signed in), but I can't use the add on as it doesn't believe I've already signed in. Totally pants.
  • love it i useit on all my stuff phone firefox the best you can get
  • It is a drama queen when you first use it. Then when you accept the guidance it offers you realise that their are times when a bit of help is needed and appreciated. It has helped me.
  • Premium user (paid) here and I the Grammarly Add-on for firefox isn't working. It won't sign in; it takes me to my Grammarly apps/notes page but the plugin itself won't work. Removing and re-installing didn't help.