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483 reviews for this add-on
  • It's not working like it should. It doesn't let me login so I can use any of the features.

  • I enjoy not having to worry about proper spelling and punctuation, Grammarly automatically corrects my mistakes, being somewhat of a protectionist, that suits me fine...

  • The absolute best for the improvemnet of grammer

  • it is the best, for mostly spelling i love it. <3

  • awesome tool

  • id like to give it azero becouze it keeps telling me it is courupted

  • catches all my mistakes. I love it.

  • I have never been good at writing, but this program has helped me think things over so I'm not using run-on sentences. Having A.D.H.D. doesn't help either, but this program is great! I love it! Grammarly has definitely fixed a lot of my sentence problems!

    Thank you so much!

  • Makes me more confident about my communication skills.

  • Perfect spell & grammar checker/corrector

  • app doesn't help anything with unicode that's ok but making my whole firefox slow is not acceptable

    what I am doing is copying my utf-8 text into ckeditor 4.

    please check and fix. at-least not hang my firefox.

  • I'm using this Add-on every day life. It adding more values in day to day life. I recommend this for people who dealing with writing.

  • Have to frequently reinstall. Sometimes a Blank screen sometimes refuse to make correction even it recommends . Just not very reliable same or similar issues with extensions for Chrome and Safari as well.

  • doesnt work in Firefox 60

  • Not working in 60.0.1.

  • Love this app

  • great

  • Quality app

  • Not working in Firefox 60.0.1 (x64).

  • In firefox, it does not work as it work in Chrome.

  • Works pretty well.

  • Very good!

  • Es muy útil.


  • It is a helpful reminder and permits me to send accurate messages.