1,493 reviews
  • It is must have for everyone writing anywhere on internet.
  • Não funciona. Travou e agora não sai de cima da janela de texto. Perdi o formulário inteiro graças à essa extensão mal feita!
  • Love this extension if it ran on all applications would be 5*.
  • good app
  • It's a perfect grammar checker, even though it doesn't log in properly sometimes.
  • Good
  • It doesn't work in google docs like in chrome.
  • I'm giving this a one-star review because it promises to work with a simple click of the grammarly icon--but it doesn't. I want to use it to check my WordPress posts before I post them, and it 'says' it's free, but it doesn't work. I keep getting stuck in an endless loop of 'it's installed but something is missing,' so I log in, and it doesn't tell me what to do to figure out the missing link. I'v given the extension permissions, I've restarted Firefox, but grammarly still doesn't do anything. I'm disappointed. I really wanted to like this. But if it takes me more than five minutes to make it work, it's not worth my time. If I have to purchase premium in order to use this feature, it needs to say so up front.