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  • Excellent extension
  • If you have the free version, this works great, but there are some things that you can only do by paying. However, it is far from perfect as some things it suggests don't sound natural or don't work the way it does in the document. Meaning that it will sometimes want you to remove or add a word but it isn't the right place to do that. This still allows work on your part as a writer as you get to decide what is necessary for editing and what isn't based on what it is you are writing and why. I like that the ignore button is there for this reason.
  • I like the extention, tough there is one flaw I've noticed when Using it with Firefox...
    If I rightclick on a word that Grammarly selects to "correct" it there is a 70% chance that the word isn't changed but gramerly pastes the correct spelling at the location where my cursor is... this isn't usefull at all (example, I write "hello, how is you day going" and it should correct you to your, if I would correct that after typing going grammerly would change it to "hello, how is you day goingyour" :/)
    Please fix this bug as it makes the application almost unusable and more of a nuisance than anyting else
  • I am developer and when it come to writing content grammarly rocks
  • Works very well until it doesn't. it worked for a few months then suddenly stops.
  • i really dislike this app, going to remove it now
  • I am a paying premium user of Grammarly. At first, I was very happy with Grammarly and excited to try it out. I absolutely love the Microsoft Word integration and will continue to use and depend on it. However, when it comes to browsing the web, Grammarly simply does not work or offer much for me since I use Firefox and Firefox Nightly. Grammarly constantly pesters me to log in (it NEVER remembers my login info) and this is a nuisance. More importantly, it lacks important functionality. It simply does not detect simple spelling and grammar errors when I'm writing new social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, and it does not yet have a Google Docs integration/add on. Use Grammarly for its Microsoft Word integration, not the Firefox add on for web browsing -- I like gmbh LanguageTool the best of what I've tried.
  • Someone should make a popup blocker for this add-on.