1,596 reviews
  • Great add-on; really helps weed out typos and other mistakes. Doesn't always recognize sentence structures but that's to be expected from a piece of software, especially a free one.

    Four stars because I ended up disabling the add-on due to it significantly interfering with one of my most used websites. Grammarly somehow changed the font on that site, which caused aesthetic issues I did not want to deal with any longer.
  • It is must have for everyone writing anywhere on internet.
  • Não funciona. Travou e agora não sai de cima da janela de texto. Perdi o formulário inteiro graças à essa extensão mal feita!
  • Love this extension if it ran on all applications would be 5*.
  • good app
  • It's a perfect grammar checker, even though it doesn't log in properly sometimes.
  • Good