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  • Appreciate the extra help to make sure my writing is professional!
  • Great for basic corrections. Very, very buggy for Wordpress websites. Some corrections do not take and adds junk code to your web pages. See this site for junk code example: https://searchfacts.com/grammarly-adds-junk-code/
  • Was very happy with it until Twitter changed its format and Grammarly for Firefox stopped working altogether. (Also have G for Windows installed). While social networking isn't the only reason I use it, it is a major part of it and seeing that there hasn't been an update for a year and a half I'm wondering if there's a solution or workaround coming.
  • Thank you Grammarly. It works just as advertised
  • good
  • Was working well, but now makes the gmail page slw down, Firefox throws up a pop-up asking whether to stop or disable temporarily. Makes gmail unusable