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  • English only
  • VERY FAT!!!!!!!!
  • The older I get, the more my spelling gets jumbled around. Grammarly keeps me spelling correctly.
  • Update: it logged in when I restarted Firefox. But still it did not do anything on Overleaf.
    Hey! I don't know what settings I'm missing. But it doesn't work. When I click it, it says "Grammarly is active, but key features are missing". When I click "log in" and log in, it still says I need to log in. At the same time, it does no grammar check.
  • absolutely insane
  • Works great! Very helpful. Would be nice if Grammarly could bring in Google Doc and other G app editing support to browsers other than Chrome ASAP.
  • Barely works correctly.
  • It never gave me corrections. Even when I blatantly misspelled a word. It just took up space. It said to log in to enable more things then I logged in and it did not realize that.