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  • I can't even add the add-on since it keeps on having an error. My internet is working properly. I'd rate this 5 stars when I get to add it on firefox.
  • I'm very happy to have Grammarly for some things. It gives me an extra layer when writing or editing articles in Word or online. But when I'm working online, it causes problems in my browser (Firefox). I haven't tried using it with other browsers such as Chrome, but I will. I keep getting a message that Grammarly is causing pages to hang or otherwise have problems. So I stop the program, and I'm guessing it starts again and has the same problem. Otherwise, I appreciate Grammarly. It's not perfect, and you shouldn't expect it to be, because it's not human. You need to be able to see when it's on the wrong track. It's made me more aware of habits I have and of things I had missed in English class way back in high school.
  • Grammarly takes the guesswork out of guessing whether or not my phonic spelling is correct or will be an embarrassment. I used to use the google search function on my cell phone telling it to spell a questionable word but no more with Grammarly. It automatically informs me if I have incorrectly spelled a word or even if a words usage is improper. It really could have saved me embarrassment in the past. Great Program!