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  • Unable to download 3.0.11...
  • Wonderful that this extension is back!
    I request for a quick tab search similar to how other sidebar tab extensions are now providing. That will make this a perfect extension.
    Also if you could have hiding the close button as an option somewhere that will be nice.
  • Seems when i restart firefox the connection to the parent tab is dropped, so structure end up flat again. A bit annoying, and looses a big part of its function. Otherwise a nice addon with potential.
  • must have
  • It's wonderful to work with tabs in a tree in the sidebar. However, there's a frequent bug appearing: sometimes the last tab or the one before the last one bring you to the incorrect tab (and reloading the extension/sidebar doesn't work). Other times it won't let you change tabs at all (clicking, ctrl+tab works fine), or hang unexpectedly until you reload it. It's not reliable, but when it works is quite useful.
  • only reason why i am using firefox
  • Seems to work great and doesnt ask for ridiculous permissions. I appreciate that.

    One request i have though. Could it be made into a popout like tabsoutlier on chrome?
  • Ohne tiefgreifende Veränderungen vorzunehmen nicht installierbar.