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  • I have been using it since a long time ago.
    However, we frequently lose tab positions in various situations, such as when restarting or restoring with a session manager.
    Moreover, I also forget the hierarchy.
    This is fatal.
  • This extension bugs out a lot, forgetting the positions or tabs between plugin crashes and even between F1 sidebar toggle presses. I LOVE it when it works, but I HATE it when it doesn't, as it takes at least 5 minutes to fix the mess it creates when it breaks. (All the tabs are randomly ordered, parents forgotten, some tabs are even missing from the tree altogether and exist as "ghost" tabs between ones actually in the tree!)
  • This is an invaluable extension, seriously! It's one of my biggest practical reasons for using Firefox. However I have noticed that the tab context menu doesn't always show options that should be added by other extensions, which is quite annoying. Oh well. This is a fantastic extension still and I'm grateful it's being updated :D
  • This extension is one of the reason I keep using Firefox. Makes it easy to use hundreds of tabs. Has all the functions I need and is still in very active development.
  • Great for organizing tabs. Now this extension and the ones like session managers and tab groups (Panorama) need to integrate with it.
  • Brilliant idea, poor solution. Unstable a buggy in all versions.
  • A necessary extension to Firefox. The main reason I use Firefox is for vertical tabs, and this works very very well.

    I had a recent problem with TST not initializing, but removing and re-adding the extension fix me right up.
  • I can finally organize links in a sane way. Bookmarks are too permanent, while just leaving a pile of tabs is too unstructured. This works.
  • This is great.. when it works. When it breaks Tab indents, it's impossible to fix.

    Most important basic function is missing!
    -indenting/outdenting tabs can only be done with drag/drop, and very inconsistant.
    -when parent tab becomes independent you need to drag and drop each and every one below it back.
    -NEED simple keyboard shorcut or option menu or UI shortcut (left/right arrow) to indent/outdent.

    Stuff to fix
    --indent and outdent current tab: need keyboard shortcut or context menu (drag and dropping is a bit too hit/miss)
    -new tabs/"insert to the top of the tree, as the first child" doesn't work with Ctrl+T
    -keyboard shortcuts are not modifiable
    -some recovery issues with Tab Session Manager.
    -but a bit unstable and Laggy after about 80+ tabs
    nice to have!
    -backup / restore settings?
  • I've been having some issues w/ TreeStyleTab since update 59. Before 59, i could do the chrome.css hide trick suggested here: https://superuser.com/questions/1261660/firefox-quantum-ver-57-how-can-i-hide-the-horizontal-tab-bar-with-treesty and everything worked fine.
    Now w/ 59, I don't see the text in tree style tab view and can't access any right-click menu options.
    I use FIrefox on Windows 10 x64 - rev 1709.
    This is disappointing since tree-style is the reason I use FF.
    When will Tree Style Tab be updated to resolve these graphical anomalies?
  • Very helpful with 100+ tabs across multiple windows as it opens a sidebar which is specific to each.
  • Put it together with Auto Tab Discard and boom!
  • This has changed my life. I am able to stay on top of tabs much better when I can see them this way. After Firefo Quantum came out, my preferred tree-style tabs add-on no longer worked, and I thought I was banished to an endless sea of horizontal tabs forever...thanks for your work on this!
  • Lovely extension. I expect to see more improvements in the future. Would be nice if it used ideas from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/quick-tabs/jnjfeinjfmenlddahdjdmgpbokiacbbb?hl=en
  • An essential extension if you have about 200 tabs open, like me :-)
    Thank you so much for your hard work!
  • The interface is easy to use, and the tree toggles off an on quickly. It's great when there are only a few tabs open. My problems with Tree Style Tab is that it slows down and already slow browser (Firefox Quantum). It takes time to load on opening the browser, and if there are more than four or five tabs, it seems to slow down the loading of the pages. This may be due to not being able to override the top tabs Firefox uses, so two sets of tabs are loading at once. Whatever causes the slowdown and freezing--Firefox or the add-on--there are times they simply don't work well together, so I turn off the tree.
  • you have the best wiki for tree tabs
  • I've been using TST for about 6 weeks, and it's worked fairly well, but it's got at least two annoying problems.

    First, when I open a link on a page and specify that it's to be put into a new tab, TST will occasionally create the new tab in some random location farther down the tab stack (but not as a child of the active tab). Trying to move that new tab back under the active tab is fruitless--it always jumps back to the random location.

    Second, whenever I restart FF, TST doesn't retain the tree structure that existed before the restart. The first group is always as it should be, but beginning with the second group, all subsequent groups become child branches of the second group or some other subsequent group. It's a real mess, and it takes me a good 3-4 minutes to manually put things back the way they should be.

    Hopefully, all this will go away in time. I should note that I'm running Tab Session Manager, though I don't think the problems started when I installed that (about 4 weeks ago).
  • tabhideにもいち早く対応し、グループのスイッチができる数少ない縦型タブアドオンだと思います。
    せっかくtabhideに対応しているので、タブのコンテキストメニューに「Simple Tab Groups」のグループ移動のメニューが出てほしいと思いました。
  • Great, must-have addon, and first reason to using FF for me.
    - Tst toggle hotkey change option is needed. f1 by default, srsly?
    - Tab context menu needs custiomization too:
    -- missed some important options from tabs (Send to other device, etc);
    -- ... but its overloaded with items that I would like to disable

    Also some occasional errors: seens descend background tab sometimes opens in wrong tree; multiple tabs closing sometimes breaks on halfway
  • Awesome!
  • perfect!
  • Just amazingly useful!
  • Love the grouping feature and that I can close individual tabs with their own [x] button without having to first navigate to them.

    Some ideas:
    - Visually maybe it would be best to show each tab's [x] button on hover though
    - Should be able to drag left to ungroup (unindent) one level and drag right to group under the previous (above) item
    - Also, it would be really if a filter box was on the top to select which tabs to show (filter titles using typed substring). Indentations should be remembered (that is have invisible parents if those are filtered out). If hard to implement, it could at least highlight found items or gray out items not found. Could also have that as option and could have Previous/Next button to select next tab that matches the filter
  • BUG report: broken with FF 57, completely broken with FF 58. That's so sad...