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  • Mil gracias por tu trabajo Piro, no puedo vivir sin esta extensión.
  • I love it, it really changes the way you use the browser. If you have a ton of tabs it's so much more organised and you can have lot of tabs for different projects and not get lost.
    Though I would love it even more if there was an option to save a tab group for later and easily restore it. Thanks for making the addon and hopefully you can add this feature sometime :)
  • I found this just about useless. I expected to be able to indent my tabs in a tree style so that I could easily categorize and group similar topics together, but there wasn't any such capability that I could find.
  • I adore this addon and have no complaints whatsoever!
  • I asked the developer and he answered very fast with some guidelines and explanations on my case.

    I just have one suggestion: Is there a way to force a group tab? If you are in a Gmail tab and open many links, a "Gmail tab" parent tab appears and all those opened links go as childs into that opening link.
    Is there a way to select many tabs and turn them into childs of a parent tab, too which we can give a name?
    Even, is there a way to pin a parent group?

    I do not know if this is at all possible but thanks for a wonderful extension.

    PD: I have read that Firefox 64 will have a better "tab" control. Will this improve the experience with TST?

  • Works decently half of the time. Other half of the time new tabs get inserted into random positions of the tree. Session restore is a nightmare as it mixes the tabs and destroys tree structure, so that multiple browser restarts (with session restores) are required to get something remotely resembling the old tree structure and tab order.
    Restarts after browser crashes often have the tree simply not working, requiring me to disable the addon and enable it again to get it working.
  • Great extension while it is running, but each time the firefox is restarted it's a pain because all tab hierarchy is broken.

    Need a feature to auto-backup and manually save/restore tree.
  • Très pratique
  • Feature-rich; lots of options to customize your workflow. Really excellent extension.