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  • WARNING: This addons is currently very buggy. Usually, it's a simple case of clicking a tab and a completely different tab is selected, every now and then. This is solved by going into Tree Style Tab's settings and unchecking and checking the "optimise tree restoration with cache" option. But today, I leave Tree Style Tab at the wayside, as my entire 70+ tab tree structure was completely demolished when I opened up Firefox for the day, only to see all tabs being considered direct children of 1 other tab, disregarding any previous tree structures. Disregarding the fact that I should probably get my tabs sorted out, it is clear that Tree Style Tab, currently at version 2.8.5, is too flawed for my uses. Tread with caution.
  • So amazing!

    It is so wonderful that I can't imagine any more words to praise it.

    But there are some issues that need to be addressed.

    1. Can I disable the identity TAB while using it?

    2. Can the color scheme of toolbar ICONS be more similar and more user-friendly than the ICONS in firefox?

    3. In the "Tree Style Tab" sidebar, can I get a clean right-click menu that only contains close, mute, lock, and the menu items I checked in the Settings, and optional or does not include submenus created by other extensions?
  • 待ちに待ったツリー型タブのquantum版です。
  • Sometime tab selection shifts by one tab. Otherwise very useful! Prefer to disable animations and fading if you use a lot of tabs to speed up loading.
  • Just found this today, not sure what rock I've been living under that made me not find this yet. The ability to customize with the userChrome.css file is almost endless and only limited by your imagination and your google-fu. Keep up the good work!
  • It's good except a couple of glitches: sometimes plus button doesn't work, sometimes clicking on a tab opens other tab.
  • This has been one of the most useful extensions that I have used since I first switched to Firefox about 10 years ago. I have been a loyal user for all of that time. However, I am really disappointed with the integration of the new theme APIs in this extension. Most of the themes I would like to use have strong colours, which when also applied to TSTs sidebar completely ruin my browsing experience! I will be forever grateful if there was a way to deactivate this.
  • Can you
    1) create an option to FULLY disable tree structure?
    2) Add folders?
    I just want to have vertical tabs, no any trees.
  • It is the best and the main reason I use firefox, but I have a problem, with new Themes for firefox, Tree background color changes based on which Theme I choose, is there any way I can keep original color or modify this color myself? with some Themes, color of tabs and their background becomes completely black or white !! so I can not even see tab's caption, thanks!
  • Great idea, but too buggy.
    1. "Behavior for new tab actions" doesn't do anything.
    2. Whenever I open a link in a new tab, the new tab becomes a child. I can't set it to be a sibling.
    3. For some unknown reason sometimes I can't select a tab. When I click a tab, a neighbouring tab is automatically selected. Need to restart the browser to fix it.
    Win 10/Firefox 65.0.1/TST 2.7.22
  • This is an awesome extension, on which I rely heavily in my daily workflows. But please, please make the tree structures saveable and shareable across firefox (desktop) sessions! Ideally, I would be very happy if TST could be made "compatible" with Session sync. It could be such a breakthrough for the daily workflows of many TST and Session sync users! (I have added the same comment to the Session sync developers too. I hope that there can be an "easy" solution to add tree info to the bookmarks used by Session sync, from which the whole tree can be built back easily by TST when a session is restored...) Thanks a lot!