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  • The horizontal tab bar can be hidden via userChrome.css, see: https://gist.github.com/alexandru/0f8b9a845342dd919d48dccc844a7135
  • This is the addon that keeps me locked to Firefox - I simply can't move to a browser without vertical tabs. Thank you, Piro.
  • best extension
  • This great addon is the main reason why I'm using Firefox.
  • 導入してからタブを探し回る事が減りました。


  • 希望能够出一个chrome版的tree style tab,感谢作者。
    Hope there is one in the chrome, thank you, great author of great plugin
  • Used this for years.... Now with the stupid Multiselect crap I have actually begun to have an aneurysm. It is the most bloody absurd shit I've ever come across, I just want to be able to Ctrl+Tab switch through my hundreds of tabs, instead of having some STUPID invert back and forth between two tabs or some crap equivalent of window's task switcher. I will be sticking to 2.7.14 for a while now it seems... this really needs to be rectified.
  • My favorite extension of all time and thanks for keeping this up to date!
  • Can you hide the browser's own TAB bar?
  • Mil gracias por tu trabajo Piro, no puedo vivir sin esta extensión.