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  • I really needed a proper tree-style extension after Tab Tree died, however I can't view any tabs. Something to do with the way it is themed no doubt. I am on 66.0.2

    I had to change the theme to dark, and everything else is great! The wiki is very detailed and makes this a great tool in conjunction with tridactyl.
  • この拡張機能があるから Firefox を使っていると言っても過言ではないです。

    Quantum になってアーキテクチャが変わったことも起因していると思いますが、ブラウザ起動後にツリー型タブとなるまで数秒掛かるのが少々気になるものの、機能的には満足しています。
  • THIS IS AN AMAZING ADDON! and its made by an amazing author, no big bugs exist, only small ones, and even they get patched almost immediately by the author, do yourself a favor, and get this extension, with just a little setup, your firefox will be 100 times better than it already is., pair it wih the tab hider extension for the ultimate pairing!
  • Tips for using this buggy addon:
    0. Deal with it.
    Ok, 1. Organize with folders or folder trees instead of tab trees when you're working with a big chunk of tabs for maximum safety. Never ever should you make blank tabs (about:blank, new tabs, or blank pages) father of other tabs. Definitely gonna f up your tree after a restart if you spot buggy behaviors with tabs before it. This one is on Firefox.
    2. You may often encounter scrambled up tree structures and missing tabs that are actually hidden after a restart, so you might want to have "expand all trees" in your context menu to make them reappear, or enable expanding trees with double click. This alternative doesn't always work though.
    3. Use a session restore addon that saves and restores tab metadata 'by nature', just in case everything is beyond redemption. You might already be using one anyway so this tip goes the last.
  • I only updated past 57 because this add-on got ported. Absolutely essential for anyone using more then a dozen of tabs and integral to my workflow.
  • Brilliant idea taken from Opera 12.x. Unfortunately poor implementation: extension crashes from time to time for unknown reasons; looses saved tree structure (no groups after restart) – unacceptable with complex setup.
  • I have three recurring bugs, and they're ones reported by other users. Firstly, the tab sidebar often doesn't load and just shows the loading indicator forever. Secondly, it can get into a mood where clicking one tab switches to a completely different tab (often the tab directly before it in the tab order) (clicking the tab in Firefox's default top tab bar instead works as expected, so the issue is definitely with this add-on). Thirdly, it often forgets and rearranges child tabs with no apparent logic, changing the order and hierarchy completely.

    I rely heavily on this add-on so I'm hoping they can fix these issues. It would be an easy five stars if I could just trust it without worrying whether or not it'll even load! I want to remove the default tab bar and just use this add-on, but at present I can't trust the add-on to work properly.
  • Not works very well on mac firefox, no any tabs show up but just a loading indicator keeps loading forever. This doesn't happens everytime, but still very high frequency. Althrough I can get rid of this by disable and re-enable it, it's still anoying