2,080 reviews
  • This helps browsing a lot, but it does have a few bugs. Right now, I'm experiencing a bug where the tabs have been slightly truncated, chopping off the favicons.
  • Very outstanding addon, but since 2 months it's super slow. When disabled Firefox is working fine. But enabled it slows so much down that Firefox is nearly unuseable.
  • cool function "close other tabs"
    always got on her instead "reopen closed tab"
  • This add-on has changed the way I browse the Internet! It makes managing multiple tabs so easy!
  • A usefull addon that not working very good. Tree style bar loses all tabs and I must close and open firefox many times, or close and open the bar, or disable and enable the addon. Can you fix it please?
    (Firefox developer v. 64)
  • so much better having tabs down the side than in a row that changes size and then has to scroll sideways. If only FF would let us remove them.
    TreeStyle Tab also lets me have nested tabs so it keeps threads together as I search and browse links.
  • without the "reload all tabs" made it very unusefull, such a stupid update