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  • Great extension for any multi-tasker, end of story.
  • This extension is absolutely essential for doing research, looking through programming references, and general reading and browsing. I don't remember what I used to do without it!
  • If you open lots of tabs, then TST is a must! No other browser or add-on can manage your tabs as easily or efficiently. This app is the reason I use Firefox over any other web browser ^_^
  • let my star said
  • This extension is the USP of Firefox and the reason I still use this Browser! Thank you so much Piro (piro_or)...
  • I wanted to like the Opera group tabs extension is now absolutely useless!
  • Tree Style Tab is my first reason after security and privacy to use Firefox. I really can't imagine browsing without such an extension. Great job, Piro!
  • Great addon, but tabs got scrambled once in a while, which completely messes everything up. It's not happening very often, but when it happens, you need to spend a lot of time to fix it.
  • the best tree style tab extension I've tested so far!
  • Great extension! I love being able to organize my tabs in this way, have been using this for a few years now.

    Minor complaint:
    The recent update that recently (I think?) introduced keyboard shortcuts that interfere with nominal text editing, e.g. Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right, which I use for highlighting words.
    The keyboard shortcut editor is generally buggy, as I can't figure out how to disable a key; trying to set it to something useless, like Ctrl + Shift + / or pressing ESC, doesn't work; I can only sometimes set it to "undefined".

    May just jump directly to wherever the config lives and kill the keys.

    EDIT: Hup, it's already filed and fixed - awesome!