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  • Great extension! I love being able to organize my tabs in this way, have been using this for a few years now.

    Minor complaint:
    The recent update that recently (I think?) introduced keyboard shortcuts that interfere with nominal text editing, e.g. Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right, which I use for highlighting words.
    The keyboard shortcut editor is generally buggy, as I can't figure out how to disable a key; trying to set it to something useless, like Ctrl + Shift + / or pressing ESC, doesn't work; I can only sometimes set it to "undefined".

    May just jump directly to wherever the config lives and kill the keys.

    EDIT: Hup, it's already filed and fixed - awesome!

  • Switched back from chrome to firefox just to use this addon. Very valuable, great way to organize tabs for people like me, who have multiple sudden ideas scattered around and like to group those ideas in tree styled tabs. Too bad it's a bit glitchy lately - sometimes child tabs don't want to be attached to parent - for some reason they appear in different places, yet they seem to be still related. Reopening browser helps.

    Thank you for this addon!

  • While this addon provides useful functionality, in its current state it is very buggy. I've had regular problems with tab positioning and movement, with child tabs being positioned outside of the area below the parent tab, and with the extension frequently preventing me from moving tab groups around in simple ways--being unable to reparent a tab and its children, or outright being unable to reorder top-level tabs. The functionality has been useful enough that I've worked around these problems instead of just uninstalling it, however now there is yet another problem with it. Now, the sidebar just perpetually shows a loading animation, never displaying the tabs for any of my windows. Closing and reopening the sidebar doesn't fix it. Disabling and re-enabling the addon doesn't fix it. Even uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't make it work again. As of now, all this does for me is take up a part of the side of my windows with a big blank area with a small animation in the middle of it. So, it's getting uninstalled. Hopefully this will be in a more usable state at some time in the future.

  • Neat design! Improves the Firefox user experience.

  • Thank you! I am happy each tree shares a root feature.

  • wish if there was help file or tool-tips when you hover over settings. Some add-ons have it and it is very useful.

  • If you are using always tabs over 10, you MUST install this extension.

  • It'd be a true gem, if someone could change the tabnames so that you don't see the of the webpage in the tab, but a custom title. This way, it is also more categorizable.

  • Works flawlessly. Essential when working with multiple tabs open tabs on projects with multiple aspects. Tree level management saves a lot of time, keeps active tabs organized, and helps avoid closing tabs still in use by accident.

  • Best addon i found.
    For multitabs.

  • ótimo aproveitamento.

  • find a way to hide the top bar please

  • Great extension
    Help me in tracking my mess while surfing around.

  • Just to make it clear, this plugin is the reason I came back to firefox ! THANK YOU for creating & updating it .

  • Wow, this should become a default for FF browser, I could never ever work without it. Helps my productivity and reading/working style a lot. I can only recommend it.

  • Nuts...doesn't work with Colorful Tabs like it did in the old Firefox.

  • Amazing features, but glitchy. Especially when I have two windows open using it. Tabs get sorted weird, especially on restarts, sometimes phantom tabs (that aren't selectable but show up in the menu) linger, tab order gets screwed up, etc.

  • I find this a much better interface than the tab bar. It's not quite as nice as the old version of the addon but I think this is about as good as can be done with the new WebExtension model.

  • I love this Add-On... use it and abuse it...
    It does take a bit of practice and learning, but it sure works for me...
    Only thing I hate is... I can not get rid of the Tab Bar at the top of the browser...I see no point in having it there....
    Is there a way to turn it off?

  • Love this app and have one feature request.

    I normally use the default tabs at the top of the window, and open Tree Style Tab when I have too many tabs open. It would be cool if there were an option to automatically open the Tree Style Tab sidebar when a specified number of tabs were open.

    So an option like:

    Automatically open sidebar when n tabs are opened.

  • I just cannot understand why FF is the only browser which has such handy plugin!

  • Brilliant 99.9% of the time,with new versions rolled out regularly,especially considering Quantum's still in its infancy.

    One star knocked off (hopefully temporarily) because every single download I start,from any website,opens the next tab down,whereas I'd obviously prefer it to stay on the tab I'm using....now 5 stars,see below

    Of course,I could be overlooking a very obvious setting somewhere to correct this behaviour....Now sorted after installing another addon - Select After Closing Current 3.0 which functions perfectly using Firefox 60.1 64bit,but doesn't work here in 60.2.so I've gone back to 60.1

    Tree Style Tab occasionally seems to hang when restarting Firefox,or following a reboot,in which case I simply close the sidebar (using X),then reinstall it with Firefox still running,reopen it,and everything's back to normal again.

  • hammer

  • В Tab Tree было авто скрытие панели владок, переключение по клику между двумя вкладками. Этого всего очень не хватает.

  • awesome!