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  • ¡Fantastico! En el explorador Gracias a Malwarebytes.
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  • 非常に高い精度で危険なサイトをブロックする
  • funciona bien
    ¡Gracias por sus comentarios positivos!
  • Easiest download and install period. hank you.
    Thanks for your lovely review!
  • Just installed this add-on and it seems to work very well in addition to uBlock Origin.
    Doesn't slow down the browser / loading of pages.
    An import/export option for the allow list would be useful (will be added in a future version, following the developer).
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  • Just installed this and it does a good job of blocking ads and trackers. However, there's a bit of a bug on some news sites when using Firefox. When I go to read some articles, the scrollbar is missing and I'm also unable to read by paging down. Pausing restores the scrollbar and it doesn't go away when re-enabled. I've had this happen on CNN.com several times.
    Also, as long as you're blocking annoyances, can you please do something about those autoplaying thumbnail videos? They're every bit as pesky as ads.
    Thanks for the review and our team will be happy to assist you further via Malwarebytes forums https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/254-firefox/