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  • Идея хорошая. Пилите дальше т.к пока многие сайты ломает.
  • The new version 1.0.16 just released ROCKS!
  • Блокирует RT с категорией "scam category". И выдает сообщения о кликбайтах на сайте. Просто полный набор.
    can you please provide the website URL in question above?

  • es la mejor extension de segurida de todas.
  • Currently I found that this breaks "CBS All Access" as this stops videos from loading. Otherwise it had worked fine for me for a while.

    edit for reply: https://www.cbs.com/all-access/
    we will be more then happy to resolve the issue, if you can provide the URL you are having issue with and steps to repro.

  • goooooooooood
  • Useless extension Does nothing.. i had by mistake gone on some malicious links.. have received warning from my AV , avira browser extension, even nowadays from bit defender traffic light, but never from this extension its sleeping..
    sorry about the bad experience, can you please provide the URL that is in question above?
    this is a BETA product and we are constantly trying to improve it via user feedback.
  • I've always used Malwarebytes.. It's NICE!!
  • Since problems were corrected about 1 month ago Malwarebytes along with ADWCleaner, a Malwarebytes program, have given me quick effective service. I also use Norton but so far, MBAM has taken care f me, not leaving anything for Norton to catch that was missed by MBAM.
  • Perhaps the best malware program available
  • Seems fine to me.
    I think this will be a great add-on to Firefox.
  • Не плохо работает! Блокирует переход на сайты содержащие подозрительные файлы для загрузки!
  • I'm a pro user and the extension seems to block pro web protection from starting. Makes sense, but it causes pro to always object