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  • Exelent add-on.
  • Sometimes, when closing firefox, two processes remain open. When I want to open firefox again, the error 'Firefox is already running but does not respond' occurs. When I deactivate the extension, the error disappears. Tested on two different computers. Otherwise, great.
  • The add-on blocks coupons.com. Unacceptable as there doesn't seem to be any alternative
  • Absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It pops up and claims that my own WordPress admin backend where I am composing a new post is "suspicious" behavior and blocks and breaks all functionality of it and even after you whitelist this dumb assessment, it continues to interfere with the way the site works, I had high hopes for a tool that I have used for years but recently it has gone straight to crap, I have given up on the desktop version but decided to give this a try and it is as half baked as it can possibly get, such a shame.
  • I'd rate this as 3.5 out of five. I like to watch online movies and find that a couple of sites have these additional pages that pop up (gambling, games etc), in the past my other add ons would block these pages. This extension doesn't , it does show one of my sites as a riskware site, even though it is one I haven't had problems with. What it does do well is speed up access to pages, something new that I didn't have in the past when on a site and moving through pages is Favicon pages appearing when I click on the next page number. It is a beta version so it is a work in progress.
  • This is the best browser safety extension by a country mile, in comparison to the others this one actually works and on top of that it doesn't slow you down 5/5. A fantastic Add-on.
  • I am trying on Firefox Nightly and so far does a great job.Thank you!!!
  • No progress with this addition.
  • Got rid of Wharkike!
  • Too many sites classified as "clickbait"; sites that are similar to aforementioned clickbait sites aren't flagged as such. Extension continues trying to block ads and flagging clickbait despite having the option disabled. Not really worth use at this point.
  • this looks to be an excellent extension. however whitelisting a couple of sites for ads/clickbaits has not stopped their anti-adware software from preventing access and viewing.
    e.g. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/2018/08/08/paul-manafort-trial-day-7-live-coverage/?utm_term=.4de6c6c9bc28


    looks like their particular ad detectors aren't satisfied with being whitelisted. tried adding for malware/scams also but this didn't help, at least for the windows club site above.

    is there a URL for bug reporting?

    thanks, and looking forward to update...
  • Dear developer ,
    This is a great extension , but i had some question for it , hope can get the answer from official developer .

    I already had Malwarebytes Premium on my system , should i need to install this extension ?

    I understand this extension still in beta , but i hope this extension can support more different language ASAP ,
    did Malwarebytes had any plan to support more language in the future ?

    Thanks .


    update :

    Thanks for answer ,
    Indeed i hope the extension can support the language for Chinese-Traditional ,
    because this is a very useful extension , but most of Chinese user are not good at reading English ,
    if the extension can support their main language , it will be more easy to recommend .

    Thanks for reply :)
    Malwarebytes premium offers our best protection. Extension protects you from Ads, Trackers and Clickbait.

    I would recommend keeping both.

    There will be support for more languages in future, are you looking for any particular one?
  • 非常に素晴らしい 広告blockとMalware blockが思いの外優秀でublockでブロックできてないのもブロックする
  • Tried it for a couple of days. For some reason it does not like Yahoo and wouldn't let me log in to my account. Also right after installing it I noticed my wi-fi coverage throughout our house went from excellent to almost none unless I was right next to the router.
    we would be more then happy to help with your yahoo issue, please drop a line at bpe@malwarebytes.com
    as for the wi-fi router coverage, extension is not involved in any sort of the wi-fi related activity.