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  • Permet de repérer les éléments non sécurisés sur une page i.e. (e-bay> images> redirections=> anti phishing).
  • Tenho pouco de uso e dizem ser muito bom. Usarei e veremos se é como promete. Lembrando irei pesquisar mais sobre esse assunto importante, inclusive essa extensão. Obrigado e continue assim, sendo sempre atenciosa aos clientes que a elogiam.
  • All Google products affected. Only disabling the extension completely allows images for Google Contacts, Photos, Gmail, YouTube, etc to be displayed correctly. Will update review when fixed.

    EDIT 04/10/2019 - Quickly fixed. Thank you.
    Issues with Google sites are now fixed.
  • It was working well for me, but recently I started getting broken image links on various Google sites (e.g., Google Photos, Google News, Gmail). Uninstalling the extension was the only way to restore the images.

    EDIT 4/10/2019 - Issues with Google sites resolved!
    Issues with Google sites are now fixed.
  • I find it more of a nuisance than a help. It frequently blocks app downloads ("bad reputation") which I know are from trustworthy sites. It considers The Onion clickbait. It shows a badge with a number, but I don't know what that means, and it provides no information about what it is actually doing. I'm uninstalling.
    Onion is considered as Satire and we do show that on the warning message.
  • Good extension, fulfills what promises, but break some sites without warning, such as https://www.hackster.io/, as it is a site that I trust and use for many years, I prefer to disable this Addon.

    If you can tell me how to get around this problem, I'd continue with Addon.

    Note: Even if you add the site to the "Allow List", it is still broken.
    What blocks it is "Scam Protection", but by disabling it, would disable it for all sites.
  • Good for a safer internet
    Much improved from beta version .
    Has saved me from 2 scam sites !
    Works well with other add ons .
  • ottima.
  • I use uMatrix and uBlock and am a very big fan of those addons but I figured I'd throw this on top and see what happened. It doesn't seem to have done anything detrimental to any of the sites I like to commonly browse and in some cases I can see an indicator on the icon showing that it's blocking something but I am not seeing any way of showing exactly WHAT it is blocking. It would be nice if it gave more information on the little drop down menu when you click the icon as to what it is actually doing.